Why login each restart?

As the title suggests, I’m intrigued as to why since the last release one is required to re-enter login creds on each restart. It wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t in a beta phase of the product which requires several restarts a day to get past little issues such as lists not populating, audio drop-outs etc. If Audirvana didn’t sound so good it would have been the end of the road for me for a while :slight_smile:


Hello @mf1,

Have you tried to disconnect from Studio using the disconnect button in Studio setting under My account section? After doing this, can you reconnect again? Do you still need to put your mail and password after doing this?

Thanks Damien, that’s fixed it for me.

Hello, this does not solve the problem of having to enter my email and password each time I connect, whether on my Mac or my windows pc, and yes, I log out each time. I opened another topic for this issue in June and still don’t have a substantiated answer. Thank you

if you switch from a computer to the other then it’s normal you need to log in again. We will improve it in the future but for the moment you do need to enter your mail/password when you switch from a computer to the other.