Why no composer category?

I really appreciate the intelligent play lists in audirvana.
But, why is there no composer browsing (additionally to album, tracks, artists).
I know I can use filters, but thats not the same!


Hello @BhMusic, thank you for your suggestion, are you listening to classical music most of the time?

may be 75% classical music!

Have you tried in the artist view of your local library to filter for Composer?

In fact I had to upgrade to the latest Audirvana version first.
Now it works as you proposed.
But anyway, the COMPOSER is a major tag for me and all classical music listener.
Therefore, for me it belongs to the start page.
I have just played with Auralic, it supports all my needs, and when my mac mini dies I’ll switch to Auralic as the next mac mini will be in the price range of a dedicated music server / streamer.

I support the request for Composer field. Composer is not Artist nor Album Artist. I solved this issue by putting the composer name into the Album title. E.g. Wagner: The Flying Dutchman (Klemperer). So I have all Flying Dutchman recordings in a sequence. Search function would also sort out Composer name, Name of Oeuvre and Conductor to identify the recording. Maybe this helps.