Why no iOS full app? Not just the remote

iOS devices are capable of playing Hi-Res PCM audio within the default Music app but it cannot play DSD. How come there is no Audivana music player for iOS yet? Seems to be a missed opportunity allowing Onkyo and Sony (both are bad apps) to earn users.

The problem is more on the Apple side since they don’t allow us to have access to advanced feature of Audio of iOS, if Apple’s policy change in the future we will take a look at it but for the moment it is not possible.

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I would like to see that too. Maybe with the ability to cache the local library on the mobile device for use when traveling.

One interesting feature that could be useful for many users, is to channel the audio stream through the app and allow you to use the phone as an endpoint.


Please don’t do this until the other platforms, windows Mac and Android and Apple phones OS are actually working better than they are at present. There are too many bugs, and small but important features that the main platforms need first.

I have to admit that I really think that Audirvana is a superior listening platform, but even at this stage it seems as if the software is in beta.


Has anything changed in this topic? Roon was able to stream audio to Roon.app on iPhone using their own RAAT protocol. It would be so great to use Audirvana not only as a remote on iPhone!