Wifi bandwidth issue playing from a NAS to a UPnP player

I purchased an Audirvana license 6 months ago. It is cross platform and includes Audirvana remote.

My library is growing and I don’t have any more space on my MacBook Pro. I’m therefore moving my library to a NAS and using the Sotm-SMS200 to fetch the music files and send them to my DAC.

I haven’t found a way to make audirvana work in such a configuration. Fetching the tracks on my NAS via wifi, processing them on my MacBook Pro, and sending them to the Sotm via Wifi, is not an optimised way of listening to music and takes up most of my bandwidth. If anyone knows a way to directly send the music from the NAS to the Sotm streamer using Audirvana, I would love it! (Virtual Machine, docker, etc. ?)

But, after days and days trying to find a solution (I love Audirvana as a software), I got to the conclusion that the only way to expand my storage and make it accessible on the network is to trade Audirvana for another audiophile software.

As a result, since it doesn’t seem to be possible to get a refund, I would like to sell my license.

If there’s anyone on this forum that is interested in buying my license, contact me.

You could run Audirvana on a pc or Mac that is connected via Ethernet. That should eliminate wifi.

Yes I know, would like to do that, but am only equipped with a MacBook Pro at home that I use a lot, and not in immediate proximity of my stereo system or router. Buying another computer just to use audirvana doesn’t appear to be the solution. And not very power efficient.

I’ve been thinking of building a diy NAS with freenas or openmediavault, and install windows on a VM to run Audirvana, but there seems to be compatibility issues. The few informations I found on the subject seem to indicate that this is not a viable solution.

Yeah I hear you.
I personally use Audirvana with my headphone dac and amp mostly.
For streaming to my network dacs I just use minim server on my Synology and upnp control point apps on my phones and tablets. Works so much better for dsd anyways.

You’re stuck in a philosophical conundrum. You don’t have too many options.

With Roon, unless you run the core on the system where the storage is, it’s not much different from Audirvana setup. Interface is nice but it comes at a very steep entry price or monthly cost.

There is the UPnP route with Minim server or some other UPnP server, you still need control point software on your computer and mobile devices. Still the best control point software for the computer is JRiver. It’s comparable in price to Audirvana, but the interface is hideous.

In the end your best option might be Audirvana combined with some UPnP server running on the NAS and control point software running on mobile devices for when you want to play music without having your computer on.

Roon can pick up the files from a NAS over the lan network

It can, but then it’s no different than Audirvana.

Thanks for the reply and advices.

I don’t buy into the Roon philosophy. I don’t listen to any streaming services, only my ripped CD catalogue and purchased DSD tracks. So, subscribing to Roon for a Tidal integration and added metadata that I do not need, isn’t a thing I’m going to do. I find Audirvana philosophy much better.

I hesitated for a long time between Jriver and Audirvana, but finally decided to purchase Audirvana 6 months ago precisely because Jriver interface is so hideous. Also, I’m French and believed it was a good thing to support a local business. And I love it’s sleek design, it’s interface and it’s sound. Just wished it was bit more versatile - acting as a control point and allowing music to be stored next to a streamer and directly linking the NAS and the streamer. Also, would love the metadata management to be less prone to bugs - but it’s okay, for that I went the Yate route.

you tell me that “In the end your best option might be Audirvana combined with some UPnP server running on the NAS and control point software running on mobile devices for when you want to play music without having your computer on”. Could you please explain?
Isn’t that the same solution that the one I talked about in my first post?
Music stored on the NAS -> Wifi -> Audirvana on my MacBook Pro -> wifi -> Sotm SMS200 streamer -> USB -> DAC? My Wifi connection isn’t fast enough to allow this double circulation of Flac files + internet. Is this the solution you’re proposing? Or are you suggesting something else?

maybe it would be possible to get a 2nd router and have a dedicated wifi connection for music disconnected from the internet?

Thank you in advance,

You would have 2 playback scenarios:

  1. When playing using your Mac: NAS -> SMB/CIFS/AFP/NFS -> Mac -> UPnP -> SOtM. In this case Audirvana offers you the nice interface to manage the playback plus maybe some basic metadata management.

  2. When playing directly from the NAS: NAS -> UPnP -> SOtM. In this scenario you’re running some UPnP server software like Minim and a control point software running on your phone or tablet to control the playback.

You don’t need separate network for music playback. Any half decent WiFi will have enough bandwidth to handle this. With a separate network you would just add complexity to your setup.

I use both Roon and Audirvana in my setup as well as NAS for music content storage. Audirvana is great for local playback and Roon is great for multi room and playback to remote endpoints.

Bonjour, j’espère avoir bien compris ces échanges en anglais, mais…Bref, pourquoi ne pas utiliser une liaison CPL entre votre Mac et le NAS, puis renvoyer les fichiers via WiFi ?

Unfortunately, Audirvana has to run on a computer, so your options are limited. I understand that it might not seem power efficient to run a second machine, but overdriving your Mac with all that work isn’t that efficient either.

I use Macs as the main machines in my house, but Woot commonly sells reconditioned mini pcs at a deal (https://www.woot.com/category/computers/desktops?ref=w_cnt_cdet_pc_3, using https://computers.woot.com/offers/hp-elitedesk-800-g2-intel-i5-mini-desktop-19?ref=w_cnt_lnd_cat_pc_3_1 as an example). These come with Windows 10 Professional, which allows you to use the free https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id1295203466 to access it from your Mac.

If you configure the machine to autologin and boot Audirvana on boot, you will never need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse after you’ve set it up. You just turn your little PC on with the power button, then use Audirvana Remote to do all of your playing. When you are done, if you have configured Windows correctly, you can just give a brief press on the computer’s power button to do a complete shutdown.

This is a very clean way to add another inexpensive computer that is dedicated to Audirvana, and allow your Mac to breathe so that you can do work on it. If you need to update the machine, it’s very easy to use the free Microsoft Remote Desktop linked above to access it.

Je viens de me relire, et, pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué ?? Une liaison CPL suffit, laissez tomber le WiFi. Cela fonctionne très bien chez moi. Le NAS est au N 0, mon système stéréo et le Mac au N 1, ça le fait.

Bonne continuation.

Try to connect the DAC to the NAS via USB and do not take the de-tour via the MBP for the music. On your NAS and your MBP Upnp/DLNA must be enabled, so Audirvana knows where to send the music files to.

I have a smiliar set-up with the difference of a streaming DAC. My music is stored on a QNap-NAS which is connected via ethernet to my streaming DAC, a Gold Note DS-10 (can highly recommend). Audirvana runs on my MBP and directs the music from the NAS to the DAC. Works perfect.

Good luck!

I have the SOtM sMS-200 Neo. It can run in many modes, Roon EP, LMS & Squeezlite, MPD & DLAN, HOPlayer NAA, MniMServer, BubbleUPnP Server, Shairport & LibreSpot. Perhaps the sMS-200 is the same. I use the Neo as Roon EP when using Roon Essentials (not full Roon) on an Elac Dsicovery Music Server. I don’t think the Roon Essential serves DSD. And to play MQA, you will need a full decoder/render DAC. I paid for the Elac’s hardware and Roon Essentials does not require subscription. So no PC is involved. The Elac sits next to my router connected with wire.
I also run the Neo in DLNA mode when streaming from Audirvana to play my DSD files.

The follow is based on what I briefly read about and I am not positive this is how the Neo works in these scenarios:
My Neo has USB A ports in the back to connect to storage devices. Perhaps put music in the external storage and run the SOtM in (1) LMS & Squeezelite mode & use Squeezer (Android app) to control playback; OR
(2) Run MinimServer mode or BubbleUPnP mode and use BubbleUPnP app or the like to control playback;
The SOtM’s can sit next to your stereo and use USB output to a DAC. No PC or NAS is involved.

Just some ideas to explore.

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