Will audirvana help me achieve hi res through iOS

strong textI use qobuz and stream through iphone 11, through a marantz na 6005, marantz Media player, Marantz amp and Bose speakers.

Despite the app display highlighting I believe that airplay will not permit hi res listening

Would audirvana help me achieve hi res?

Audirvana will play bit perfect whatever resolution file you have. You can also upsample to higher resolution.

The app for iOS is just for control.

Thank you, so audirvana software should meet my needs then?

You can stream Hi-Res music through Audirvana but we don’t recommend Air Play to do this since you won’t be able to go higher than 16/44 which is not Hi-Res.

If you are using UPnP you can stream whatever quality of music you want, even DSD if your DAC have this feature over UPnP.

How to know if my device is available in UPnP with Audirvana? When you select your output you will have two sections, one for the local connected DAC (internal, USB, SPDIF,etc…) and a second one for Network connected DAC. You then need to select your DAC in Network area and play your song in Audirvana.