Will be V3.5 be updated with still lacking major functions?

Ability to sort albums by year is a crucial thing for library management, I can’t believe it’s missing in a 100 Euro software. Will this be implemented soon? Also LastFm scorbbling is badly needed as well, which is actually also missing in the new version. Will scrobbling be added too in old and new versions? Thanks!

it is in Studio version, but it’s new release to first release,
i’d like to see First release to the last at the bottom…
My Zappa, i want to see first Freak Out! not last :slight_smile:

But, best is to have the choice!!

Hi !
You didn’t watch video on Facebook and You Tube from live event a week ago.
Goodbay old version !
Welcome new world !
Do not be naïve and read some posts and watch that live event.
It is still available on You Tube
Best Regards

Derek, that means the group will miss me and others as customers. I’m really smile when I see bogus SW sold by 100 Euro transferred to monthly payments without fix issues over years.
So bye bye beautiful - we have a lot of free SW and also Roon as one more solution that has lifetime license. So I will have pay once.
With 70USD for 1 year subscription here I will pay 700USD for lifetime license in Roon. :slight_smile: or will not pay for free versions of much SW.
I’m already on Tydal with internal player and don’t see difference.
Also I have checking Apple Music and waiting Spotify high res.

We have so much alternate possibilities to listen music and will have new once, for subscription of bogus SW. Very smiley.

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Roon won’t play your ISO SATA at all.
So you’ll come back to Audirvana.
Maybe the bug will be fixed in Studio one day.

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Maybe not, cause one year wasn’t fixed :slight_smile:
I will use free foobar2000 - or will pay of HW system

Foobar is a good idea. What is “HW system”?

This is absolutely true, I’d love to use the latest version but do not support the subscription based model.

It will be easier and more financially viable to convert my SACD ISO’s to DSF/DSD and use Roon.
Or even just use Foobar2000.

Foobar is a solution only for PC users. Foobar for Mac won’t play ISO SATA. It even won’t play DSD files, because there are no add-ons and plugins for it.

I see that this topic that I started is still active, what I suggest everybody should do is switch to Roon, I did this and forgot Audirvana as a nightmare. Roon is the best!

My suggestion is that everyone stay away from Roon and MQA, but luckily we live in a free world.

What’s the point? Audirvana also plays MQA…

But I’m whining. I like to do that.


It would be nice if Roon buys from Audirvana its sound engine or if Audirvana buys from Roon its library management, so we can have both in a single product. It will make everybody happy, especially if we be given the possibility to buy a license.

Many Audirvana users are also Roon customers. The 2 products are quite complementary.


I hope it will, I don’t know if @Damien2 read this thread and he’s ignoring it or not.

This is very important, there are a lot of users who bought Audirvana 3.5 before Studio, and some of those don’t want to use Studio because it’s buggy as hell, 3.5 is a lot better in my opinion, and it’s a shame that it hasn’t been improved.

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I also want to request update to 3.5, at least to make the Windows version as good as the macOS one.

3 very simple things that should be added:
Switch to dark mode/light mode following the system (Windows changes to dark mode when it’s night)
Automatically download missing album photos like every other music player
Waveform display


Have you been using Studio lately? I have both Audirvana 3.5 and Studio and I can not confirm your statement that Studio is ‘buggy as hell’.
Of course there are complaints on this forum about both (3.5 and Studio), but as far as I can see those are mostly specific problems, mostly Tidal related or related to specific hardware combinations.

I am not a clairvoyant, but it seems logical that you still can expect some bugfixes for 3.5 in the future, but don’t expect new features or functionality. It makes sense that those will be implemented in Studio only.


If you use Mac, then I don’t have anything to say as I am using Windows.
In the latter case, then I don’t know what to tell you, at least 30% of the forum’s posts and threads are complaints about Audirvana Studio, this is definitely not me, AS had a very bad launch.

It’s true that they improved it a lot since the launch, but it’s still not a product worth money or a subscription, I am not saying that 3.5 should have a lot of new features like Studio, but at least the basics, it costed almost $100 dollars, it had a limit of devices and you had to pay per upgrade, so I disagree with you, to respect the users, they should implement basic features.

@AndyLubke This is an example of what I’m talking about, no rocket-science industry changing stuff, just simple changes to thank the users for their support.