Will be V3.5 be updated with still lacking major functions?

Ability to sort albums by year is a crucial thing for library management, I can’t believe it’s missing in a 100 Euro software. Will this be implemented soon? Also LastFm scorbbling is badly needed as well, which is actually also missing in the new version. Will scrobbling be added too in old and new versions? Thanks!

it is in Studio version, but it’s new release to first release,
i’d like to see First release to the last at the bottom…
My Zappa, i want to see first Freak Out! not last :slight_smile:

But, best is to have the choice!!

Hi !
You didn’t watch video on Facebook and You Tube from live event a week ago.
Goodbay old version !
Welcome new world !
Do not be naïve and read some posts and watch that live event.
It is still available on You Tube
Best Regards