Will not subscribe to studio

Releasing a subscription based audiplayer, seriously ?
When the old version was 100 $ and is buggy as hell.

You lost a customer on this one, and I wont have many nice things to say anymore about audirvana from today !


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Oh ok.

Use 3.5 and wait man!!!

After fixing the flaws of Studio, he may fix the bugs of A3.5.
Patience is virtue.

What bugs?

re: 3.5

There’s plenty of issues, library duplicates, gain issues with tidal etc…
UI was a mess always and is still with studio .

But the mere fact that anyone releases the same software under a new name speaks for him either being disingenuous and going for extra money or having encountered un-fixable problems in the old version , which would warrant a new version but in this case it clearly should be free for former customers.

I can’t see any other reason to release a new version of the same program and switching to subscription…

This is literally an offense to everyone who paid for 3.5

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That makes no sense as 3.5 customers paid earlier,
Why would anyone buy a software when he knows there will be a new version out that he won’t get access to ?

Great contribution !

Wait for what exactly ?

I agree completely with you.
I was just referring to Damien’s promise to fix the bugs of A3.5. IMO, it will take a lot of time, because there’s much work to repair all the bugs and the flaws of Audirvana Studio.

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Have you ever seen « Waiting for Godot » ?

I read the book, and I see what you mean.
But Damien made an official promise. If he does not deliver in a year or two, A3.5 owners could call him a liar.

Why did I remain with A2.5? Because it runs better than A3.5. It’s free of bugs, very smooth, and never crashes.

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I wish I could find A2.5 somewhere as I still have my key file.
I’d like to check its sound in comparison to A3.5.
Also, there is the matter of the selection options at the top which proved useful, if a bit unsightly.

A2.5 is available only for the Mac. If you use a Mac, you can ask Support to downgrade your player to A2.5, until they fix the bugs of A3.5. Maybe they will accept.
For the sound, A3.5 is slightly better. But since Audirvana is just one of my players, and not the main one, it wasn’t sufficient for me to upgrade to A3.5.

A2.5 is different from A3.5 regarding the library management.
The Mac version of A3.5 can be synchronized with the playlists, and the library of iTunes. This could be useful for people who use iTunes, which is not my case.
On the other hand, A2.5 has a columns view that is more useful, IMO, than the views of A3.5.

Thank you Doudou, I’ll take my place in the long support queue…


I have used Audirvāna since a while, I choose it because there was no subscription. At the time there were 3 options, JRiver, Roon and Audirvāna. I loved the presentation and display of Audirvāna and I went for it. I had my share of problems of duplicate albums and corrupted index and problems in using Apple Music indexing, but kept using it because it was simple and I loved the smart playlist.

Now paying a subscription for something that has still all the bugs of 3.5 and no real advantage it’s a no go.
For a small difference I moved to Roon that has the advantage of being able to manage also my living room background system, do not duplicate any album, and allow you to read the full title of the album not only few words like it’s the case with Audirvāna

Sorry Damien you lost another client

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I reported issues with special characters in folder / file names last year and stepped away from audio for a while. I’ve just jumped back in to see that it was never ever resolved in 3.5. Any chance it is fixed in studio? (actually fixed, not manually changing file names…)

It seems to be 50/50.

I’ve had to change several folder and file names for the Windows version of AS, since it would freeze the program and corrupt the database while it was analyzing the audio. On my Mac, which contains a copy of my library I didn’t have to do this and everything analyzed just fine.