Will Origin work with Linux Mint?

I am currently using Linux Mint on a Intel NUC. The problem with using some of the no Linux programs with it is getting them to unpack

gunzip command?

But would you be able to install Audirvana on a Linux system at all?

I‘d be keen to see if you manage to!

Depends what you mean by “work with.”

If you mean install Audirvāna on a Linux computer, the last time I tried it with WINE it didn’t work.

If you mean run it in a virtual Windows machine, then it may work, but will likely be quite underpowered, and there would be other problems like latency. In general it’s probably a bad idea.

On the other hand if you want your NUC running a Linux UPnP/DLNA program like upmpdcli and have a Windows or Mac computer transmitting to it via WiFi or Ethernet, then that works nicely. It’s what I use since my computer running Audirvāna and my audio system are in two different rooms.


I was rather thinking that it would be nice to have a true Linux version of Audirvana. But I guess that’s too much asking for.

Running virtual machines, at least on a Mac, with, say, Parallels caused a lot of problems (not speaking about Audirvana in particular). Essentially all file permissions became corrupted after a while and I gave up running virtual machines altogether. The same happened when we ran CentOS on Windows machines. So even if Audirvana would run in such setup, the operating system might become unstable. Though, in all fairness, I haven’t used virtual machines recently, the situation might have improved.

Your last point is spot on! I used to run upmpdcli on my Raspberry Pi in conjunction with GentooPlayer, while Audirvana was on my Mac Mini. It worked quite well but required frequent resettings on the Raspberry side.

Again, a genuine Linux version of Audirvana would be nice. If I Reibereien correctly, there’s even a poll for a Linux version in this forum.

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I abandoned Win 10 on the NUC. Even with a number of services shut down there were still a number of other services running. Linux is much simpler and a better environment for a music library/server application IMO