Will uninstall + fresh install affect my trial licence?

With the big database problems, I feel a fresh install is the obvious next step. Would an uninstall/fresh install affect my trial licence?

What database problems are you having?

Albums not being imported. Although I believe I have stumbled onto the issue. My albums not being imported are .OGG music files. These appear to not be supported.

I found that having several folders holdi g different types of nusic enabled me to add them folder at a time.

AS is still useable while files being analysed.

I am having problem. After trialling AV Studio on two Mac machines, alternately running on each, I have now paid for a 1 year’s subscription.

One machine then showed that I had paid and my next payment is due in 2022. The other machine shows that I am still on a trial, due to expire on 28 July 2021.

After a lot of trying to sort it out, including reinstalling the software, both machines now show that
I am still on a trial, due to expire on 28 July 2021. I have a receipt showing that I have paid.

Can anyone offer a solution?

Write a message to support@audirvana.com. :smiley:

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Thank you but I was trying to avoid writing to support as I believe it’s been overwhelmed in the last month or so and has not been able to respond.

I think that I understand what has happened. I installed my trial version of studio using a different (but similar) email address to my 3.5 email address. When I tried to subscribe and use the first year discount for the 3.5 existing users, I have signed up for the Studio version on my 3.5 email address which I was trying to retire.

Not a big problem but I have two questions which someone might know the answer to, before I try support. How would I change my email address on an AV Studio account and how would I change my password? I can’t see those options anywhere.

To change your email address you can send me the mail you used to create your account and the new one you want to use. For the password reset, you can do it when you are on the login page to your account at https://my.audirvana.com

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