Winamp v5.8 vs AS

After using (& paying for) Audirvarna Studio for several months, I noticed by chance that my old trusty Winamp is getting some updating soon. This got me to open my old Winamp & noticed that the Winamp WASAPI output wasn’t working. Some browsing & I found that an update had broken it & that’s why in my Winamp vs Audirvarna Studio tests, that Winamp was very noticeable as worse quality playback. I tried the “Not so YASAPI” output & it’s a transformation. I spent the whole of yesterday a-b testing & I’m not sure that the difference is noticeable betoween the two players. Putting the great UI of Winamp against the buggy mess of Audirvarna Studio makes Winamp a win for me.

I’d appreciate if any other users could see what they think. Maybe my ears are playing tricks…
PC WASAPI via USB- Focal Arche- Focal Utopia

Winamp v5.8;

To be honest, I don’t know what to make of Winamp. I mean, back in the 90’s it was my go to music player. But it has changed owner a few times. And the last update was 3 years ago, which itself has taken years.

The current owner has plans reviving it. But to me it looks very vague so far. Time will tell I guess, but I’ll be sticking with AS. Which works fine here :smiley:

I just discovered that Winamp has a macOS version. It’s free, but it’s numbered O.81, and not 5.XX like your Windows version.
And I can not find a Yasapi plugin for Mac. What this plugin does exactly?

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The plugin allows a WASAPI output, the regular ASAPI output plugin no longer works. I’m not sure if if WASAPI works on Macs, or whether they even need it. WASAPI just bypasses Windows attempts to mess with the sound quality.

Thank you, I understand.
The Mac does not have WASAPI, and it needs no drivers like ASIO. It has its own output mode which is called “Core Audio”.

I looked a little bit at the Mac version of Winamp, and it is a very minimalistic player. They must have stopped its development years ago, since it’s numbered O.81.
When I’ll have some free time, I’ll try the PC version with my Dell.

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