Window 10 Activation

Good Day,

I may have installed Audirvana in the past, honestly without using/trying it - hence, another trial for 30 days failes. Even different email adresses did not work…

I just have made a contract with Qobuz and like to try out the program in depth - any chance to get a new 30 days activation before bying the prog?

Thank you in advance, Peter

Hello @huber,

Sure, I can offer you a new complimentary 30 days trial period.
I’ll need your public IP address to identify you in our database. You can find it in a web site like

hi Damien,

thank you very much - adress is ...

Done, you can now request again a trial license.

ok - now it works, appreciate your help :wink: Peter

Sorry again,

connected with qobuz, get the info “it is not possible to change to integer modus” - what dows that mean?