Window "Log-in über Google" to Qobuz does not open

That is already my problem. When trying to connect to Qobuz in Auduriva Studio the log-in window pops up, but it will not open the “Log-in über Google” window. As I have registered my Qobuz account via Google I have no possibility to use Audirvana Studio at the moment. Log-in to Qobuz app works fine.

Is there a workaround to log-in to Qobuz in Audirvana Studio nevertheless?

macOS 14.5
Audirvana Studio 2.8.2

I am trying Audirvana out and have the same problem… Trial is not going well. :slight_smile:

Hi @Orgelfreund and @bardle ,

Did you try to type in your Google account Id and password directly in Audirvana when login in to Qobuz?

If that does not help try (as a workaround): Create a direct account in Qobuz (instead of your Google account) and login via Audirvana with those credentials. You only have to do that once and you are set.

@Antoine is this issue known in Audirvana?

Hi @AndyLubke,
thank you for your advice. First proposal did not work as far as I remember. Second one would mean to loose my subscription as far as I see. But @Damien has solved the problem already:
(I do not know why there is a second post.)

That link sends me to “Not found” page. Could you please post the resolution?

Hi @Orgelfreund,
Thanks for the reply. If I click on your link I get nothing. Probably it is a private message which others can’t see? Maybe it is a good idea to share the solution (if possible) with @bardle as well.

Or @bardle you can always send a mail to, to get a direct response/solution from @Damien or @Antoine.

I found this post via google and it already has 50 views in 6 days. It might be prudent to post the solution here to save everyone time?

The solution for my problem is version of Audirvana Studio. Please ask @Damien for it. I do not feel allowed to share the link.

Yes may be a private answer by @Damien to me and my problem.