Windows 10 license purchase

I have been using Audirvana for the past couple of weeks, and after ironing out a couple of bugs I’m considering purchasing a license.
However as I use Win 10 as my OS I’m not currently able to purchase a license.
Do you have any idea when licenses for Windows will be avaiable, as my trial version expires in 2 days.

Just go here and purchase a licence.

Or am I not understanding something?

That’s strange. Did you get this after following the link I sent? I bought my licence some time ago and am very happy with the product running on my Windows 10 pc.

Hi Pieronip, many thanks for your response.

No, I can’t remember how I got to the page I screenshotted, but using the link you kindly provided would appear to enable me to make a purchase.
Out of interest, did you receive the 3 months Qobuz/Tidal vouchers as advertised?

Thanks a million for your help mate.
Regards, Ian


I use my Audirvana purely for local playback so I don’t have any experience of the streaming services. I haven’t seen anyone with irresolvable issues posting here, so all should be OK.