Windows 10 Menu?

On the Mac OS 10.14.x I see a menu for Audirvana, but I cannot find a way to have the menu show on Windows 10.
All latest versions of Audirvana.

Hello @aricastudio,

What is the menu you are talking about in MacOS? Can you make a screenshot of it?

sorry, first time doing this and ended up with a bunch of photos

So you mean the filter option, am I right?

Well, I was curious as to why I see a Menu Bar on the Mac, right next to the Apple Icon on the top left,
“Audrivana - File - Edit - View - Play - Windows”, yet the Menu Bar does not appear on Windows 10.
I know I can access the Filter Options right on the Audirvana window.
And everything that shows up under those Menu Bar Tabs can be accesses right from the Audirvana app window.
Most likely this is a difference in the two platforms OS systems.

This is what I am missing, too.
In Windows there is no option to play file using expolorer - by clicking rigt mouse button - open with…

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