Windows 10 MSI i7 LAST CHANGE


I have reformatted my laptop again and reinstalled Win10 on a clean software base…
Installed Audirvana again… and SORRY IT DOESNT WORK…

Either you help fix it or better return my money because this is scrap ! I just doesn’t start…


… be fair, maybe it is not an Audirvana matter …

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Which version of Windows 10 do you have? What kind of error do you get?

Really?.. ok lets be fair put it in perspective and know what your talking about first… then lets see what is fair and do return me all the time invested to get this work…

Since Nov 2019 i have multiple tries and 2 complete reinstall of my Windows 10 64 yesterday i tried again which took me 2 days in between prep and install… results exactly the same.

Asked for help from the Audirvana team and also to the MS blogs…. I spend many many hours already to get this working … just became kind of obsessed with it all … want to know the impact and improvement

They removed the blog and we had 101 support emails… up to a certain point.

It just looks like the Audirvana team has given up on me so I want either a last try or my money back

We can do a skype session or teamviewer session!!

I think that is fair … don’t you think so either?

Looking forward to hear from you


NOTE Yes it can be caused by some other incompatibility, unique to this laptop or situation… worthwhile trying to find out or return my money and mention it is NOT 100% compatible with the basic spec requested.

Do you get a crash? What error message do you see? Can you capture the minidumps.

It probably something trivial. Just need to find what exactly. What security/antivir software do you run? Any other unusual thing about the setup? Did you get errors during install? Which version of Audirvana do you run?

Hi Bit racer

Thx for responding… I dont get a crash it just doesnt start up in the task manager is stay like like running but nothing happens. when i click again it ends the task… a then when try to run it again and come again with asking the licence number

When you start it, press alt+spacebar and select restore window.

Now you know what the issue is. Write to

Thx for that short cut

But why are they saying it is ok from their side?

MANY THX for that again… just wrote them and let s what happens have a good day stay safe and far away from people…

I think the license key does not work with the version you installed. Figure out with them what to do.

Thanks, you too.