Windows 10 PC and Oversample of lack thereof

Hi there
I have a windows 10 PC with an Intel i7-9700K CPU running at 3.6GHz with 16GB of RAM and 6 TB of disk space and a ASUS GTX-1650 graphics card: specifications that I think is more than enough to run Audirvana. However, I am not able to play back music in my library or on Tidal HiFi streaming service if I select any of the oversample options or DSD. When I disable oversample, it runs fine.

Can you let me know what is wrong? is my DAC in my PC not powerful enough to do the oversample?

please advise what I should do or what hardware upgrades I need to buy

What DAC do you have and to what resolution did you try to oversample?

running Tidal on my computer with Audirvana on uPnP to my Yamaha R-N803D amp which has a ESS Sabre 9006AS 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC. Music does not play when I select any of the UpSampling options or DSD on Audirvana, when I select Deactivated for “Forced UpSample Type” option, it works and music plays.
So why is it that I cannot UpSample? Do I need to upgrade my PC or get an external DAC.
thanks in advance for your support

It’s most likely an UPnP issue. Have you tried to upsample by power of 2?

yes, I tried all options including power of two, when I press play on Audirvana, no sound form my speakers. When I deactivate UpSample, it works. So I am not able to UpSample and wondered if there are any issues with my PC

Have you tried to upsample a local library file?

thanks Alex, just tried Upsample from my local library of songs and no sound, so looks like its my PC that is not able to Upsample and nothing to do with Tidal streaming?

I wouldn’t immediately draw that conclusion. It’s more likely to be UPnP related issue.

What’s PC do you have, CPU, RAM?

Why do you want to upsample? I wouldn’t bother if I was you. On your device it’s unlikely it will lead to a tangible “sound quality” improvement.

Windows PC with Intel i7-9700K CPU running at 3.20 GHz with 16GB of RAM and plenty of disk space at 6 TB.
why do you think upsample will not improve quality of the sound as its using the DAC on my Yamaha amp via uPnP/DLNA?

It’s a decent device, don’t get me wrong. At best, you’ll get slight tonal difference, that you may or may not like better. It ain’t worth it.

BTW, your PC is even an overkill for the upsampling. It definitely has enough power for any oversampling you may think of.

If you want to play with upsampling get a higher end standalone USB DAC and upsample crap out of it.

what do you think of the Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus? It has USB input

If the upsampling is your goal, I wouldn’t go for CA. I have 2 CA DACs and they already have excellent oversampling. You can hardly improve on that.

Go for something that supports high PCM and DSD rates. It depends a bit on your budget, but iFi, Topping or Chord DACs are good options.

si vous voulez le top du son, achetez un Dac sérieux a conversion R-2R et lisez vos fichiers en mode NOS (non over sampling) et là vraiment c’est du pur bonheur.

Hi, a bit off topic. But why do you guys wanna upsample? Does it improve the sound quality? Which one do you prefer PCM or DSD upsample? Thanks


my opinion is that it depends on various factors. With my bel canto Dac I can achieve better audio reproduction with upsampling to 192khz. It also gives the possibility to fine-tune a little according to taste. In contrast to my Hegel amplifier, I prefer not to upsample.

If the DAC native supports DSD, then DSD is better. However, there are DS DAC that support NOS, it is better to listen to these DAC already.

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