Windows 10 UI improvements

I tend to use media monkey, but of course it has no clue about hirez audio

Am using 3.5.2

Some things I’d like to see

Keyboard media controls don’t work for me. I know it is in “miscellaneous”, it just doesn’t work for me. I’m using a microsoft 500 wired keyboard. They work in mediamonkey, even when it doesn’t have focus. Closing mediamonkey makes no difference.

Back button on mouse taking me back in ui (so I don’t have to click back arrow)

And A/B button so I can flip between 2 configs (or more). This is useful when doing A/B testing to see how different settings effect the sound. (Loading/savings settings as files would be good too)

Also. when I see an album, I should be able to click on artist name to see the artist page. Doesn’t.

Also more use of drag and drop. Can’t drag a music file into playlist or playing bar


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My Logitech G910 media keys work fine, no matter what is in focus.

I also vote for the keyboard “back” control, along with being able to go back with the mouse back button, instead of hunting down a back arrow with the mouse. This is the one reason I use the Qobuz app instead of Audirvana in the office. (Audirvana is still king in the living room, though.)

Another vote for drag and drop, too, along with hitting the Delete key to remove a song from any user-generated list.

Oh yes, I’ve also noted that play order of tracks makes no sense. I bring up an album, play a track. then click on the >> button, and it goes back to the 1st track, then 20th, then 9th!!! and so on

I’d expect them to play in the displayed order (I’m ordering by track number)

Frankly it makes it unusable

Keyboard controls are flakey for me to. I have described this in various past posts.