Windows 11 Users - does Audirvana Studio work well for you on Win 11?

Actually, ideally I want to ask people who have used both Windows 10 and Windows 11 with Audirvana Studio (or Origin) whether both OS work just as well with the software.

I am thinking about upgrading my music laptop to a Win 11 device and wondering what kind of problems I might encounter, or whether it’s a no-problem switch.

Both windows 10 and 11 work fine with Audirvana. In my case it was a no problem switch. Audirvana kept working without issues.

It never hurts to backup your Audirvana sqlite database regularly though, but that is more a general safety precaution and has nothing to do with switching to Windows 11 per se.


Thanks for that answer, and also for the tip.

I guess the sqlite dbase is in the usual folder buried deep in the Windows filing system. No problem. I have never had any problem that made me think I should back it up, but I will start doing that.

In Audirvana’s settings/library you can see (and change) where it is stored.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and am now able to take advantage of the Kernel settings for some of my library files. I know I need to change my DAC in order for it to work properly on my DSD files. Can’t wait.

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I did even that in January this year. I had Audirvana Studio for one year on my HP Laptop with Win10 and updated on Win11 at least. No issues. All works fine.

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Hi, thanks for your comment.

I am using Win 10 in Kernel mode with no problems. Is that what you are referring to when you say “take advantage of the Kernel settings for some of my library files”, or is there something extra I will have access to if I switch to a Win 11 machine?

I have a rather old machine so was not able to take advantage of Kernel in Win10. At least for now, it is working in Win11.

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Got it. Thanks.

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