Windows - Smart playlists creation and edit extended tags

I have just re-subscribed to Audirvana Studio and I’m running it on a Windows NUC. I have 2 problems.

  1. I am following the instructions on the support video to create smart playlists but it is not working. I click on the plus sign, click on the smart playlist icon, give it a name and then press return - this should bring up the filter editor, but it doesn’t. It just places a new playlist in the left shortcuts menu and the playlist creator window shows it’s ready for another new playlist. And the playlist it just placed in the playlists section is not smart and I can’t add filters to it by editing it.

  2. Also when I select an album in my own library and open the tag editor window I only see “General”, “Artwork” and “Infos” tabs - no extended tab. Most of my albums are classical and I have already added lots of tags to them. When I filter my albums from the main album screen, Audirvana seems to have found my tags, but I’m not getting to see any of them in the tags editor screen.

Hi @Northernlights,

  1. Have you watched this video?
  1. To see the tags of your tracks of the album, you need to open the album and select the track(s) you have in it (you can select them all with CTRL+A)


Hi @Antoine Thanks for the very speedy reply. I actually just went back to re-watch the first video now, and I saw that I should click on the playlist editor with the filter screen open already. This worked and I was able to create a smart playlist. Why does it not work when clicking the plus sign next to “Playlists” in the left pane? Anyway that’s great and I can create those.

And I didn’t realise that extended only shows up when tracks are selected so that is now solved as well. Many thanks!

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This button has been made to create manual playlists :wink:

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