Windows UI Bugs

Audirvana 3.5.12 (current build)
Windows 10 1909 (current build)

If there is a setting that corrects this I can’t find it: The ‘X’ (WIN_Close_Window) does not close the application window when in the mini-mode (see below). It just goes to full mode the same as if you click on the maximize icon on the upper left corner of the window. This is really annoying as it then compels the app to start in max mode rather than the smaller UI (Windows can/will remember previous window state when closed).

More importantly, when you right click on the icon in the taskbar and chose ‘Close Window’ it closes the window, but not the app, music keeps playing and only way to stop or close the application now is with the task manager.

Am I the only one?

Forgot to mention, when in Full mode the ‘X’ closes the application as expected.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Same here…

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Hello @Bradley and @David_Winnert,

Thank you for your report, we could reproduce the issue on our side and we will fix this issue in the next update of Audirvana.

For the X on the right corner of the mini-player, this is a decision that have been made based on the Mac version as it’s the same on it. The X on the MacOS version do not close Audirvana but reopen Audirvana in plain view. We will change it in a future update of Audirvana.

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