Wireless KEF LS50W2

HI,Although my new LS50W2 will give me as output
possibility. I can select them.
However, the songs do not start playing when I select the speakers.
What is not working here?

Check/disable the firewall.

In addition to Bitracer suggestion,

  1. Check your KEF LS50 W2 has the latest firmware in the KEF APP, if not update.
  2. Try re-setting the KEF speaker and re-initialising on your wireless system using the KEF app.What version of Audirvana are you using with what operating system?

What is your operating system and Audirvana version?

I have KEF LS50 W2 running on macOS 12.4, Studio 1.13.0 and they work flawlessly. I have seen the issue you have stated however a firmware update and speaker hard reset solved the problem.

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