Wireless or Wired LAN


I am streaming from an iMac to a Yamaha R-N602 (network receiver).

When I stream using WI-FI or Ethernet using the Server Function which I suspect is UPnP protocol, I continually get flaky/inconsistent results where a song will finish and the next song will not play. Or any other song without closing the app and restarting, even that may not solve it.

I resorted to using an optical cable and presto, absolutely no issues, it is picture perfect and 100% reliable, absolutely no problems.

Thing is I do wonder if the sound quality is better through UPnP?

Does anyone else experience the flakey/inconsistent performance with network connections?

Also, id UPnP generally considered a better connection for sound quality?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

Hi !
I always prefer to connect computer to audio amp or reciver with cable
Doesn’t matter what kind of cable
Optical or just stereo cable
Going with streaming is always risky and less stable.
Unless you cannot connect your Yamaha with cable than I would stream via Upnp or some other protocols.
I found Roon software very good in streaming to all kind of devices.
They using different technologies than UPNP
I use Roon to stream music from my PC to Chromecast Audio dongles which are connected to different audio systems in the house
When I am listening to Audirvana for critical listening I am using same PC connected to Stereo amp via Zen Dac with cable ( not too far)
One of those Chromecast Audio devices is connected to Pioneer AV receiver with optical cable since Chromecast Audio is doing analog or optical connection
I don’t think that streaming from your iMac via wi Fi or connecting to Yamaha with network cable would have better sound.
But maybe I am wrong ?
Maybe some other forum members will put some light on this subject ?
I would restart your router and internet modem
Disconnect from power for 2 minutes and plug Inn again
Many times it resolved my networking situation
It can help you with your connection to Yamaha
After a while those routers are getting confused and they need restart in order to sort things.
Please let me know if that helps

Every system is different.

Which works better in your particular system?

Use that and enjoy the music.

Nothing else matters.

There are all sorts of widely varying opinions regarding whether a connection over the air sounds better or worse than a directly connected one. Optical Ethernet is usually considered the best type of direct network connection.

In your situation, I personally feel it’s far better to be able to enjoy the music than spend your time worrying about flakey connections.

Totally agree, the optical cable it literally flawless. It really anoys me when the UPnP connection fails. I will stick to optical for now.

Thanks for the feedback.

Agree, thanks.

The optical cable is flawless, literally no issues. The network connection from Audirvana is frustrating to the point that it ruins the experience. Will use optical for the moment.

Thanks for your comments.

Regards. Mark