Is there an option to change the colors on writing, I can not quite look blue in blue.
Can an alphabet come in library so I can just press “p” to get to pink floyd and so on
Otherwise, a super good program that I will buy

Regards Kim

I want simple folder view like in wind windows explorer.

I’m adding to this thread rather than starting a new one. I have had a great deal to do in Audirvana over the last few days and it has made me realise what I would wish for.

  1. Unselected menu items are bright white and selected ones darker blue. This is really the wrong way round. Selected items should be bright and unselected dark. Skins or a configurable colour scheme would be nice.

  2. I would like to be able to type a path to the library files directly as well as browsing. It is often quicker to type.

I’d like a more configurable sorting of artistst. I’m still confused about appearing a band named 3TEETH under C and :wumpscut: somewhere in the library instead either at the top or bottom of the library :laughing:

Also, I wish to configure the thumbnail size of the album covers…

It might be blasphemic, but the handling of JRiver is way better and more customizable at this point… :stuck_out_tongue: