Without initiating AVR Pioneer SC LX701 Audirvana no recognizes the device

To connect Audirvan on my Microsoft Laptop with the AVR SC Pioneer LX701 I every time have to switch off the current for the device to make it initiate. Then it is recognized by Audirvana.

Has anybody the same problem , and what can I do to solve the bug ?

You can’t do much. It’s probably issue with the Pioneer firmware. Try to contact them.

I have the same problem with MacBook recognizing the DAC in the Onkyo AVR TX NR 656. In order for Audirvana to recognize the AVR DAC I have too reboot the Onkyo which takes about five minutes of initialization, and then the software sees the DAC. Problem is, as soon as I go to another source like TV on the Onkyo, then the connection is lost. I also saw a similar issue in an older thread with a Onkyo receiver. And now yours with the Pioneer.

Have you found a solution ? It’s really annoying.

No solution, My AVR is out of warranty. 2016 Model. I called support and they were looking into it but never got back to me. I easily connect to other streamers in the house including a Yamaha streamer, and even my smart Samsung TV. But what really matters here is my Onkyo but just doesn’t work. The direct connection to USB is not working either.