Write the correct/accurate sample rate to a track?

Apologies if this is an old or plain silly question -
Let’s say audio scan reveals song ‘track1’ as having a lower than expected/stated 16/44.1 sample rate.
It appears that Origin’s Library CD playlist displays properly only those files which really are at 16/44.1 resolution - whilst itunes seems to take the file’s stated info at face-value.
Exporting this playlist to itunes would help to identify the ‘imposter’ files, but I can’t work out how. I could then manage these better in itunes, as I’m gradually raising my library’s resolution by replacing lower res.
Or / Perhaps there’s a (Mac) app to assess track1.mp3 (or .aac or whatever), then write back to the file the actual rate? If so, batch processing large directories of files would be great. I can’t find anything.

Many thanks in advance - I’m stumped!

Hi @Ramen,

Can you send me the file at support@audirvana.com?

Thanks Antoine - I’ll send you an example file (I was using this name to illustrate the issue, which is for many many files)

Do I understand correctly that you want overviews of files that are not lossless so that you can buy them or rip them from CD?

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Yes - and that’s much clearer that I put it! Ideally, mark these so I can see which are which back in itunes which is inaccurate.

I’m not convinced that the audio scan is reliable in determining the actual resolution of the file. The scan appears to make a guess as to the original resolution based on a number of conditions. I wouldn’t let too many decisions depend on that. There are examples where the scan is wrong. Fully explainable, but it is not a basis on which I would buy files.

Thanks Jacob. I’m taking a pragmatic and case-by-case approach to this - particularly as there don’t appear to be any shortcuts to assessing sampling variations.