Wrong Artwork on Android Remote

All my music files are tagged with the correct artwork and work fine on my Macbook desktop. When using the remote, however, incorrect artwork is displayed for some tracks, particularly, but not only, singles. Is there any way I can force the remote to use the same artwork that the desktop is displaying?

Hello @frankiesymes, which version of the remote are you using? iOS or Android?

Android. I’m syncing my apple music library and, as I say, it’s perfect on the desktop.

Does it display an artwork of a different album or nothing?

It always displays a different cover. For instance, I have a collection of B sides. I just played ‘Big Black Smoke’ by the Kinks: on the remote it displayed the cover of the album ‘Burning For You’ by the Strawbs.

Hello again. It looks like there is no answer to this: would you consider revoking my remote licence and refunding me please? It is useless to me as it stands. Thanks.

I take it that’s a ‘No’ then…
Cheers and bye bye Audirvana.