Wrong counting of tracks

Audirvana 3.5.28, Mac: It seems, that Audirvana doesn’t count correctly the number of tracks. I have albums where the amount of existing tracks differs from the theoretic amount in the ID3 tag. Audirvana refers to the total amount in the ID3 tag and does not count the real amount of tracks.
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Hello @o99, do you mean you have more or less tracks in reality than Audirvana is actually displaying?

Hello Damien

I have less tracks. Audirvana shows the amount of tracks which is in the ID3 tag not the real amount.

Thank you

Can you run a integrity check of your database? To do so you have to go to audirvana settings in the maintenance section.

Integritiy is OK.
I found a rather complex problem: Some of my tracks have a problem of faulty ID3 container. iTunes doesn’t bother that, but Audirvana and VLC are not able to read the informations, that iTunes shows, but is not able write into the ID3 tag. With the app “Audio File Health Check” I found these files and corrected the ID3 tag by writing new informations in VLC and Audirvana. This “sanitized” the ID3 tag container. Now the amount of tracks is correct.
In one album Audirvana showed 2 times the same track, but only one exists. In this album have been the described problems. Maybe this is the reaseon for the problem. I deleted this track and added it again :).
In this album I changed the cover: Audirvana shows the old cover, iTunes the new cover. Why?

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With which program you changed the cover?

I changed it with iTunes

Can you try to do a manual synchronization of your synced folder? You should view the correct artwork after doing this.

I did manual sync: unfortunately no change.