Wrong cover attached to albums on Remote

Just a short post to report something that happens from time to time when using the remote: the wrong cover is attached to an album and this happens especially (Not 100% sure though) when the album does not have any cover attached.
Usually the problem disappears after a refresh of the view, so not a big issue but sometimes it may create confusion.
Here are two screenshot where the problem appears:
1- The first one shows what appears when the wrong cover is attached to an album (Here you cann see Martha Argerich appearing twice in the list when she should appear only once).
2- The second one shows the situation after a refresh when the problem is gone (Martha only appearing once).

Just my two cents to contribute to the improvement of AS and Remote.

Hi @patifr,

We sent the bug report to our developer so he can take a look at it.

Thanks Antoine.

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