Wrong Sorting of Album Artist and edit ID3 tag entry for album artist


Is it possible to edit/create an entry for album artist? On the information window I can change the entry of the album name, but I can’t change the album artist name. I just ripped a CD using iTunes, and I didn’t notice that the album artist was missing, so the new album was shown as first entry. So I had to go back to iTunes to modify the ID3 tag accordingly. I don’t use the iTunes mode, I just use iTunes to rip CD’s and copy the files on a NAS to be used by Audirvana.

Any help highly appreciated.




thanks for your reply. What software do you use for ripping CD’s? I use iTunes because it’s the only ripper I know.




I checked out the Yate software which is available as a trial version, but it shows me exactly the same then iTunes does. Album Artist is well filled, and I don’t understand why people don’t like iTunes.I also use it for a decade now, and whenever I noticed a problem with audio or ID3 tags it was never iTunes having any problems. Of course I like the approach of Audirvana being a lightweight alternative especially when it comes to highres audio files, but below that iTunes does a good job.

So the question is still there, why does Audirvana not recognise the Album Artist on this special album. On the old Audirvana Plus there was the possibility to match the artist to a different value, but that’s gone now with Audirvana.

And the other question is, why isn’t it possible to change the Album Artist value in Audirvana?




I renamed the title of this post. I tried several options to solve this issue. When I have only a few albums in the list, the album sorting works perfect. But when I include my complete album list, about 227 entries, this special album is always presented at the beginning. Since the current Audirvana I also added some others albums to the library and never noticed such an issue.

Still strange.



Do you, by any chance, have a composer listed in your tags? (Or possibly a conductor) You can see these under “Credits” in Yate.
That will also supersede the album artist I believe.

It used to be that if you clicked on just the album art itself (in the old 2.3) that when you did cmd+I to open the tag editor, you could change the album artist. Not sure why this feature is missing from 3.5.

Is this an isolated incident… meaning JUST this album, or does Audirvana do the same with EVERY album?

Sometimes I have had an album that for one reason or the other was encoded funky or something and just had strange behavior.

A lot of times, I would take the album, use software to convert it to the exact same file type and edit the tags on the new copy and everything would be just fine.

For ripping, and splitting cue files I use XLD (free on Mac) - also is a great CD Burner
Also works great for converting… but for most of my file converting (especially in larger batches) I use MAX (also free on Mac)
For tagging, I use Yate.
And for any artwork files that come NOT in jpg format I use XNconvert (Free on Mac) to change from whatever they are to jpg.



when using just a few albums this special one is sorted well, but if I use the whole library of 227 albums its shown at the beginning of the library, see screen shot.

I’ll try XLD ripping and see what the the outcome would be.

Thanks for your help.



In preferences under album sort order, what does your hierarchy look like?

Here is the window I am talking about…
Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 08.44.36.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 08.44.36.png

Also, for the purposes of troubleshooting, have you tried to convert this album to another format, say FLAC, or MP3 just to see if the behavior is the same in another format?

And for what it’s worth, that image you posted from Yate, does not have any Album Artist information filled in.

One last thing to check, just to be safe… any possible chance there is a space in front of the artist name?
Just trying to think outside the box.

This type of stuff drives me absolutely out of my mind, and I have gone to ridiculous lengths to perfect my albums over the years.
I understand the frustration.

I use XLD to rip from CD…

And if I need to fix metadata I use Kid3…


Both are excellent, easy to use, and foolproof.


I tried both version, with Album Artist filled and without. The behaviour is always the same. As already stated, on a small library it works, on my real library it doesn’t. Sorting of the library is well selected.

Cheers, Stefan.

Yes, in Composer tag, Bach is listed as Johann Sebastian Bach but it has nothing to do with Album Artist tag. For example, Haydn is listed as Franz Joseph Haydn in Composer tag but it comes after ‘F’ in Album Artist sorting.


Is there any reason we no longer have the artist list where we can edit how things are sorted?
It is possible that this issue is happening internally, which could be changed if we had the artist editor feature.

Not sure what is going on for these guys, but it might be possible.

Any way you can chime in here?

This sorting problem has not been fixed yet.


I just gave the sorting problem another try, and it’s somehow still persists.There must be something wrong with the sorting algorithm in some special cases. In my case I simply removed the last letter (‘r’) from the name ‘Sara Connor’ -> ‘Sarah Conno’ and it was correctly sorted. Putting again a ‘r’ to the last name, the album showed up as the first entry.

So maybe this information helps to fix this issue.



Has someone figured this out?

Album Artist is not an editable field under tags. Why?

This is not something that should be difficult to do and should be able to be done with this expensive (for an audio player) software. There also seems to be absolutely no way to ask the company directly why this feature is missing.


You need to sort by ALBUM. Click on the Album and and edit the metadata there.

You do not change the Album Artist for each individual track. Same thing with Album Artwork.

I was stuck in the world of iTunes.

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