Wrong Type of File Displayed on Streamer/DAC

Hello Everybody,

Since … i don’t know long, my streamer/DAC Lumin T2 display always the file type as wav, and almost all my files or streams are FLAC, frequency and bit rate are displayed correctly…
Don’t have any preference about upsampling or so… did i miss something?
Thanks for your help…

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.44 (3574)
macOS 10.15.7 with 16384MB RAM

Audirvana is decoding every filetype to PCM/WAV. You won’t see a different between different containers.

OK thanks, but now i miss something, i am connected with upnp to my streamer and file are not supposed going through the computer right? Computer just act like a remote…

That’s not how Audirvana works.
The PCM stream has been optimized and any processing can be performed. In this way, the streamer only needs to process an optimized data stream.

The biggest drawback is that UnPnP for this application leaves quite a bit of space in the implementation and therefore vague problems.

Ok, so that’s not UPNP… :frowning:
And yes i check my netwok and there is traffic, which is not the case with the Lumin app
Thanks for your help!

But DSD are schown as DSD… very strange…

DSD is not a container. It is Raw data.

Audirvana works differently than you have assumed so far. There is not much else about it. It’s just not a control point.

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