XLD Artwork

Although Damien recommended that I use XLD over a year ago for ripping my CDs, it is only now that I have got round to trying this software. And what a difference! I can’t believe the change in sound stage, quality etc over using iTunes, it has been a complete revelation, to the point that I am now going to re-rip m complete library - a daunting task, but worth it in my view.

I do need one bit of advice before I embark on this project, and that is artwork. Although XLD is finding the artwork and track titles when I rip a CD, the artwork is not appearing on Audirvana (V3) and I’m having to manually copy a jpg file down via Amazon to the individual folder for that particular piece of music. My default for CDDB is MusicBrainz. Can anyone suggest why the artwork is not being logged?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Are you selecting the option to embed cover art images? You can find this in Preferences/Metadata
I also scale large images.

Can you help? I cannot figure out how to substitute an alternative album cover in the A+ metadata rail (Track Details). Manual says I should be able to drag and drop (which does not work for me) OR use a “change” button (which I cannot locate). Any advise is greatly appreciated!

do ‘command i’ or in View Menu show metadata. Select songs and drag cover on the right panel