XLD CD Rips Appear Mislabelled and Duplicated

As you can see first track is missing and then the second track is duplicated. This has happened to random selections of my personal XLD secure rips. This extremely frustrating as it throws the whole album out of order and will play a song listed not as its intended name.

I am a long time Songbird user and wishing to upgrade to this amazing software, but Songbird has no issues with any of these albums in terms of order or duplication, and this holding me back from purchasing.

I am a CD archivist and an old What.cd contributor so it is not my tags that are the issues or my cue sheet.

I have no solution but do want to say I have damn near 1000 XLD rips and all are fine.

If you find the fix on your own do report back.

Good luck! This is surely most frustrating, downright maddening.


Hi @TessaGemini

I use XLD for all my CD extractionerring, and have sometimes had this kind of thing happen.

Very frustrating.

  1. I delete all files to do with that CD
  2. Empty trash.
  3. RESTART Audirvana and computer.
  4. Rip again.

If that reproduces the issue I manually edit the file (I use flac.) and also use matadata tag in Audirvana and renumber.

Usually I have resolved issues but not always. Sometimes I’ve had to delete odd files, renumber and put up with a less than perfect rip. Annoying, like politics, but a necessary evil.


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It happened to me few times, but it’s mostly due to the quality of the metadata retrieved from the services.

Once you identify the pattern, it’s easy to fix while ripping the CD, before starting the rip.


Yes. I have also found that to work quite well.

If your tracks are separated already, just remove the .cue sheet from the folder and put it somewhere else if you still want to keep it, somewhere not in the music folder that Audirvana scan. Restart audirvana or maybe just see it will sync in order.

I know you don’t want to do that :grinning:

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Thank you everyone for the replies! So is it not an Audirvana problem, and more a bad metadata issue?

As for deleting and re-ripping… I really do not want to do that.

As for moving the cue sheet… I have to do that for ALL my XLD rips to play on my FiiO M5 as the presence of the XLD created cue does almost the same thing, but just duplicates EVERY track and puts it in random order. Metadata in the cue sheet messing everything up? Old EAC rips with logs and cues are just fine. Stupid XLD.

Could you please elaborate further? I’m looking at the cue and not seeing anything out of sorts.

Just created a folder labeled “Cue + Log” within the said album, inserted those files, and it has corrected itself in Audi.

It’s usually the album, album artist and the disc numbering that causes those issues.

And would those be present in the cue/log?

You don’t have to use the cue file.

But what specifically has gone astray here, so that it may be corrected?

You can edit the metadata files in Audirvana directly.

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