Yamaha cdn500 uPnP problem

I have problem with interrupting songs and on the end total stop of some songs.

I connect my Yamaha cdn500 as uPnP sound source in Audirvana. Audirvana installed on miniMac.

Is this fix this issue with some additional settings in Audirvana or how? I restart router and switch, i changed ethernet cable…but nothing…

Have you tried revert to version 2.4?

No. Is this helpful?

Many things happened not in a good way on 2.5.x and on

you don’t need Dropbox to download the link… just close the windows… and download free.

But I have IOS, not Windows

Do you have installation of Audirvana Studio 2.4 for IOS?

That is the link i gave you
i know you on a mac…
not ios but macos :grinning:

I did it. With 2.4 ver no problem. Thank you!

Hi @Voxxx70,

did you got the issue you described using the 2.5.4 version?

Where I can find 2.5.4 ver? With ver 2.4 work better but not good…after 2-3 songs all stop.

Hi @Voxxx70,

Simply click on the spinning arrow in your Audirvāna Studio settings under My account section (picture from a Mac, on Windows you can click on “Check for update”):

I solved my problem on harder way. I installed on my miniMac Windows 10 and everything working fine.

Probelm is non-compatible version of Audirvana and MacOS.

I need some other suggestion from you. I have PC with some DSD files. How to connect miniMac with my PC by network (Local subdirectory in Audirvana)?

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