Your customer support is a shame

Yes dear audirvana staff, your customer service is a shame !
You pretend to handle customer service through this forum but your feddback is so poor and slow.
I have wrote about a problem 28 days ago, having audirvana for windows asking me the license number each time I restart the PC.
Still today you did not solve the problem and you no more replyto me ( your last reply was 7 days ago).

Waiting your kind feedback



Send your query to [email protected] and they will usually reply fairly promptly.


I already did back in May ! Audirvana support never replied to my email !

That is not good.

Try posting that again with @Damien3 and @damien2 in the message. That might get Damien to reply.

Iis a very frustrating way to get support. A ticketing system would be more reassuring.

Don’t know if that is an option for you, but have you thought about re-installing the PC? Might be the simplest way to fix this.

Do u mean reinstalling audirvana ? Or reinstall Windows ?
I would expect that support and troubleshooting should come from Audirvana that got my money for the license. Maybe I am expecting too much.

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This is already a reposting. They seem not to care. I am fed up of loosing time with this lousy customer support.

On Mac it‘s usually related to damaged preferences files when you have similar behaviour.

On Windows I don‘t know where this is stored, but I assume it‘s somehow related to damaged file or inability to write this info. Therefore it asks you to re-enter the license key.

Why even have three different Damien accounts in the first place?

Not sure why.

One for each version of Audirvana. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: