How can I use the music from Audirvana to output through ZoomAudioDevice in MAC? I can’t select ZoomAudioDevice in MAC when I start the music in Audirvana.

You should select the device before you start the music in Audirvana

Hi Thank you for the prompt reply. I did it but when I start the music, MAC changed the source of the sound to headphone/built-in output. SO I can’t stay the output sound as ZoomAudioDevice. I recently updated Audirvana, and it might happen after the update though.

Why do you need this device?

I have ZOOM meetings and I want to play music.

You could try to uncheck Exclusive access in dac settings/low level playback options

Hi, Thank you so much, finally, I did it. It was a little difficult to understand and reach “Exclusive access” through. Thank you again.

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