A+3.5.25 not loading or playing ANYTHING!

@Damien2 @Antoine Hello- 4 days ago I suddenly lost everything on A+3 I had to repeatedly reconnect to both TIDAL and Qobuz sometimes my self made playlists on both services(800+) would load but wouldn’t play and I would have several TIDALs on the left hand column but TIDAL wouldn’t load or play
yesterday everything came back played both TIDAL/Qobuz/my playlists on on both and legacy iTunes library played.
This morning NOTHING loads or plays(even under iTunes) everything is there and I haven’t lost my connections to TIDAL/Qobuz.
TIDAL and Qobuz desktop apps play as does ROON.
What is wrong it is not my ‘SYSTEM’ or ‘NETWORK’ nothing has changed: late 2012 mac mini i7 16GB RAM months old Samsung 4TB SSD HD Apple time capsule WiFI and Spectrum cable WiFi and ethernet.
EVERYTHING else works on my mac mini and I have lightning fast WiFI/ethernet
Nothing like this has ever happened before and i have had A+ since it became available in USA.
What can I do?? should I start all over and if I do will I lose everything I now have on A+3.5.25?? AND how would I do that if that’s what you think i should do??
Please help i love A+3 and it’s SQ is best

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