A Remote. Really?

I really like Audirvanna and enjoy having a remote for it. The few times it’s actually worked over the past 6 months. To the techs, you’re giving remotes a bad name because yours doesn’t. Once in a while I’ll try to use it and all of a sudden it’ll actually work. Thats’ probably 1 out of 25 times. I have multiple other applications that feature remotes and they all function properly. I’ve done everything you’ve listed to repair the connection and it doesn’t help. I’m at a loss. Please make a remote that. actually works.

Thank you!


Hello there :wave:
I don’t have issues using the remote (except two small bugs and Damien is working on it :smiley:), I use it daily (Audirvana on macOS, remote on iOS).
Maybe you could give more details about your setup, usage, and what works, what doesn’t, so the developers can have a better understanding of the issues you’re facing and eventually fix them :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Yohmi,

Thanks for your comment. The sticky thread at the top describes my situation perfectly. If you noticed, there’s thousands of comments. This remote simply does not work with Windows 10 for too many people.


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Hello @jdt, can you give us the OS you are using in your smartphone and the version of it? Are you also using the latest version of Audirvana for Windows 10?

You are not alone :wink:

I am using the very latest version of Audirvana on my Windows 10 laptop, and the remote constantly disconnects on my iPad air and my iPad pro. My last two letters to Audirvana support have been ignored. I agree that we paid money for this software, and we should be refunded if they can’t get it to work as advertised. Without a working remote the program is pretty worthless to me.

Here’s the answer that’s worked consistently all day for me. Another member had posted it awhile back. Open the setting that allows an app through. Scroll until you see Audirvana. Unlike the majority of apps listed that may have 2 - 3 lines, my Audirvanna had 9! Click above the apps so you can change them. Then add a check mark next to every one. Save and close.

Please let us know if it works.


Please see below Damien. So far this solution has held all day. It may be the answer.


See my post above.


Hello @jdt, this is your firewall settings: In Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Firewall and Network Protection > Allow an application via a firewall, make sure that the file audirvanaplus.exe is allowed to access the network.

I had to hunt this solution down. Perhaps it’s me, but I had never seen this info prominently displayed.

I’m glad it’s up and running and thank you for your response Damien.


I have done the whole Windows Defender/firewall bit and fully allowed Audirvana access. That has not worked for me at all. The remote continues to mainly work after I reopen the Audirvana application on my pc and then nearly 100% consistently stops connecting within a few minutes.

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I spoke too soon! Upon trying the remote on my iPad this afternoon it wouldn’t connect. Picked up my phone and it connected instantly. Picked up my iPad about 10 minutes later and it connected. My iPhone is currently connected and the iPad is not. They take turns working. This problem has nothing to do with users. It is strictly an Audirvana issue.

The app is not stable. I have the Roon remote, Pioneer receiver remote, Sony TV remote and an Apple TV remote. All work over WiFi and have worked flawlessly since I downloaded them.

Audirvana has not and does not. Plus I paid a lot of money for this app. If you don’t fix it you should refund every buyer’s purchase price.

Why don’t you look at all these other remotes that do work and copy their app’s structure? It’s obvious they know something you guys don’t.

This is beyond frustrating!


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Damien, I too have been unable to keep a connection between my iPhone X using the latest iOS and the most current Windows 10 Home edition. I’m able to connect using remote for about 3 minutes after I open Audirvana on Windows 10 and iPhone. If I wait for a few minutes I totally loose my connection on the remote app and it seems to no longer recognize the laptop.
This has been going on since I purchased Remote December 2018. I have performed every work around ever mentioned including firewall, sleep settings etc., even on another Windows 10 laptop. I have thoroughly enjoyed Audirvana since day one, and the remote app (for the few minutes it actually connects to either laptop). I think you guys have a real killer platform here if all users could maintain connectivity between the remote app and the Windows 10 PC app.
Again, Audirvana is a killer app and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. You guys have been making amazing incremental improvements on a fairly regular basis but when it comes to this remote app it just is not working for me and many other Windows users. Please fix the disconnect or give us a real work around so we can make the proper adjustments on our systems. Thanks

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Same here. Audirvana Remote is not stable. I have also come to this conclusion.

The iPad app is so slow to load the music and pictures, it’s functionality useless. I have had more success using the android app on my phone. I am currently evaluating a free trial and trying to decide whether or not to buy. I would have bought right away if the apps worked and worked quickly.

PS I am using a Mac Mini with Catalina and the firewall turned off. My iPad is running version 12.4.6.

Same problem here, Remote (Android) is totally useless as it succeds to connect one out of 10 times at best.
I also noticed that for having a (small) chance to connect I have to close down Audirvana on (Windows 10) PC, launch it again and try to connect the remote immediatly.
I’ve tried every tips found, even closed down firewall without any improvement.

Audirvana is great, but I bought the software after the price increase which now includes the remote, but I would have much preferred a lower price than paying for something which doesn’t work…

I am afraid you are very right about the current Audirvana Remote app on Android in combination with Windows 10…It is very unstable, loosing the connection frequently. Having lost the connection it cannot find the computer with which it was connected any more. And yes, all Windows firewall settings are okay. Please guys at Audirvana, fix it, because this harms your reputation lot.

I had a similar issue that was resolved when I changed my wireless frequency from 5G Hz to 2.4G Hz for my phone & laptop.