ALL Albums cover art and info disappeared

  I've been using Audirvana 3.2.2 for a long while.  Love the software for the most part.

Recently however something puzzling happened. I have roughly 13,000 tracks and hundreds of albums ranging from 44.1 to 2 x DSD. Recently ALL of my cover art
disappeared! All the tracks are still there BUT the window where the album cover art
is usually there is absolutely BLANK! I’ve invested a lot of time editing and organizing
the albums. I cannot seem to find the file to locate all of this info. How can I locate and
reinstall the cover art? I’m using a 2011 Mac mini with Yosemite OS.

Did you use external tagging tool recently?

Thanks for response. I’m not sure what the external tagging tool is. Sometimes when I purchase music and the files are downloaded incorrectly into Audirvana I do need to edit to correct this. Is that what your referring to? If so then yes I did use it.

Perhaps Damien can reply.

Yes, maybe you did a bulk update inadvertently. Audirvana will not mess with the file tags on its own.

There’s no Damien anymore on the forum.
Now there is Antoine.

I really don’t think I did that however how might one UNDO that???

OK. Antoine please advise what to try!!!

Do you have a backup of your Mini?
If you use TimeMachine or another backup software, you will be able to restore the database of Audirvana just as it was before this issue occurred.

One thing you can try is to locate the SQLite file and back it up in different location. After that let Audivana recreate the database from the file metadata. This will only help if the file tags have not been changed.

Your suggestion is good, but it won’t restore his play lists.

True, it was to check if the metadata was still present in the files.

@Vrac, export the playlists if you want to keep them.

I’m sure it’s probably TOO MUCH TO ASK but does anyone have a phone # for support??? for Audirvana???

Audirvana is not Apple. It has no phone support yet.
You should back up your computers.

Yosemite… so you have update to last version of 3.5.50 ?

You are able to play the songs but you cannot see the artwork, correct ?
just try to rebuilt your database with the 3 maintenance options, in order like they are…

Just to be sure, restart mac mini, open Audirvana, no covers?
do the 3 maintenance and see if they come back…

He has Audirvana Plus, not A3.5.

i see 3.2.2, should be the same? it is old now :slight_smile:

3.2.2 is still working with Monterey beta 9 :slight_smile:

covers are a little buggy with Monterey, they seems not at the right place :wink:
not the covers but the mouse on them…

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Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System…
When you have clicked your Home Folder, and cannot see the Library Folder in there,
just do a ‘‘cmd J’’ to show the folder settings preferences and see at the bottom…
click Show Library Folder and then you’ll have access to the rest forever.

Before you trash the original database, open Audirvana and export every playlist you have if they are important to you with a right click on them or go to the menu and export playlist… to a folder on the desktop or anywhere for you to keep always after :slight_smile: yes i know, one by one
after sync is done, you can go to menu and import all of them in one shot…
export is one at the time :frowning: if not important to you, don’t bother about playlists…

Close Audirvana.

Go to User… Home Folder (your name)… Library… Applications Support… Audirvana Folder…
copy the file in that folder (AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite), that is your database.
Copy it to the desktop while dragging it hold ‘option’ key on the keyboard…
it will make a copy of the original.

After, drag the original in the trash… you still can see the one you copied on desktop…
empty trash. Restart mac mini, restart Audirvana…
it will now recreate your database with all the changes you made to your file, except your playlists…

it should no be that long… don’t play while it sync, let it go… and see if you see your covers after…


That’s what I call “support”. :wink:

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