Analyzing Audio Files Never Ends

Running AS 1.3 on Windows. My library is 25,000 tracks that are WAV and FLAC files. After syncing my music the analyzing of audio files begins. The purple bar moves right and never advances more than a third of the way across no matter how long I have my PC on. It has been weeks and have left it running overnight some nights. When I first installed 1.2 after using 1.1 I put a much smaller amount of files on it and it finished analyzing them fairly quickly.
I got a response from the support team asking if some of the files were DSD or SACD which there are none. They said in my case it could be blocked? If I hear any more from them I will update.
Seems others have experienced these issues.


On my Windows laptop it starts from 0 every single time. Then it goes up to about 15% done and just freezes there. I have just over 28000 tracks. My local library is a collection of FLAC, MP3 and AAC (M4A) files.

Does your AS also freeze there? I mean when mine reaches 15%, I can still play music. But closing the program won’t work the normal way. I have to use Task Manager to kill Audirvana the hard way.

I’ve also noticed that while analyzing is working the CPU and SSD are used a lot, but as soon as it freezes, there is no more CPU and SSD usage at all.

I’ve just installed AS on my 2017 MacBook Air running the latest macOS (11.4 Big Sur). I have a copy of my music collection on an SD card and it just started analyzing it. Curious how it goes on my good old Apple.

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Sounds about the same as me. On my Widows desktop it starts from 0 every single time. Then it gradually goes up to about 20% and freezes there never going any further. Sounds identical to your situation. I am able to play anything in my library of 25000 tracks (WAV & FLAC). Sometimes I can close it the normal way sometimes it is difficult. I created a shortcut icon on my taskbar and I can right click on it and click the “close window” option and this works everytime so that is how I close it now.
Good luck with your MacBook. Would be interested to hear your findings.

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Well it still seems to be going. It’s a 5th gen i5 dual core with the music on an sd card, so it’s a lot slower compared to my Lenovo which is way newer and faster.

3 hours in and it’s about as far as my Windows laptop ever got. So let’s see how it goes.
AS does take 40-50% of the CPU continously on the MacBook Air. And so far AS has read 53 gb and written 2.4 gb of data to the SD card.

I’ll leave the Mac on overnight :slight_smile:


Update. My Mac is almost halfway and still going. :slight_smile:

I have also experience long unending process times on my 11000 cd collection . Very time I update software or shut down and restart the studio software it seems to start at the beginning again. Not knowing what is really being done in this process and where the process in the 161.000 tracks I have is problematic. I think better control (stop/start /pause) and more info on which file is in process is necessary. Since studio works without this processing being done on files, it would be good to allow users to by-pass it all together.

I’m a long time user of the original Audirvana. I think the audio quality is superior in this version and I’m more than willing to pay the asking subscription price. But as a few others have said, studio is not quite ready for prime time. Lots of little gotchas that interfere with normal use and enjoyment of this product. I have every confidence that bugs will be worked out in the near future.

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I agree that this never ending analyzing process should be optional. Would be nice to be able to bypass it all together.
I really liked 3.5 but am really enjoying Kernel Streaming and more up-sampling options on Studio.
I think this new version does sound better once dialed in.
The end of my trial period is approaching quickly.

Well I left my MacBook Air on overnight. And when I woke up this morning it had succesfully analyzed my local collection of music.

It would seem to me that the Mac version of AS is far more stable than the Windows version here. Which continuously partly freezes. Back with 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 it would crash at least once or twice an hour. No matter what it did.

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Thanks for the update. Good to hear your Mac was able to complete the analyzing process.
The Big Mac came with fries,
and the ability to analyze!


My Mac is now analysing album audio dynamics to set replaygain levels for my local collection. While also streaming Qobuz and Internet radio all day without breaking a sweat. Solid as a rock so far :heart_eyes:

It seems to me that the Windows version of AS needs huge improvements to get on par with the Mac version.

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Seems that way. I only have a Windows PC and am experiencing many of these problems.
Qobuz does seem to work well for me but I have some problems using internet radio.
I like Radio Paradise and sometimes it won’t play at all. Bugs me that AS doesn’t display artist and song/album information on that station. I works great for me on Jriver while displaying all the info and some other good options are available there as well.


Quick update :slight_smile:

My MacBook Air has been busy all day setting sound levels and it’s nearly finished. While happily playing music all day as well. Not a single freeze or crash.

If the Windows version of AS was as solid and stable as the Mac version, then Audirvana would definitely be a winner.


I have this issue also on Windows 10. I have to agree that this is definitely not ready for prime time. I just started my trial so I will give it some time, but I just bought 3.5 on March 1 of this year. A $20 discount seems a bit light for users in my situation. How about at least the first year free? I don’t think it’s too much to ask considering that Studio is still Beta quality at best.

Thought this might be fixed with 1.4.5 but the never ending analyzing continues. Tried as others have reinstalling AS and putting my library back on it one smaller file at a time and got half way through having success. Cannot get any further than half way. Kept consolidating files but no progress without dedicating my life to this project. Seems to play fine with the analyzing always running. Went back to 3.5 and it works perfectly with no issues but AS just sounds better to me so back to AS again. Seems to work better on a Mac than my Windows.

Please make “Analyzing Audio Files” optional or defeatable.


I have to agree with that. Most of the users with local libraries have the meta tags already sorted out. It makes sense to make it optional.


To make matters worse, there is a one-to-many relationship between an ACOUSTIC_ID and
a MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID . The ACOUSTIC_ID can point to both vinyl and CD (some may be remasters), original albums or compilations. While some of the basic metadata may be the same for the specific track in question, some metadata will likely differ among the different releases.

Some user involvement would be needed to select among releases (which currently does not exist), to prevent Studio from running amok with metadata.

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Until a more permanent solution exists, for those who seemingly have perpetual analysis going on: AS on Windows was showing that analysis was going on (seemingly halting at about 2/3 done). However, backup showed no files were actually being changed, so either it was stuck 2/3 of the way along, or it was actually completed but not showing that.

I’m waiting patiently(!) for new Apple MacBooks to come out, but in the meantime, I experimented with AS on Big Sur running as a VMWare guest OS in Linux. I wasn’t able to suss out everything (in particular, AS couldn’t see my directly connected DAC unless the guest Big Sur owned it; but I couldn’t get any sound unless the host Linux OS owned the same card - oh well). But after I’d disconnected my Windows install to experiment with that second Audirvana installation, once I came back to the Windows install and signed in again: no more analyzing!

So perhaps a solution for at least some people seeing the same perpetual/stuck analysis behavior is to disconnect AS on Windows and then sign back in again?

I sent some logs and memory dumped file (3.9go) to the support for analysis. The logs are showing errors on wave files locally that does not exist in the reality….
The analysis never ends and I removed the musicbrainz tags stuff. The analysis is there to build the database like on the 3.5 and save some stuff. No need to say that no problem on the 3.5.
Let’s see what the support could do.

Why is the analysis good? I don’t read anything about singers, I listen to music. For me also in 1.4.5. Windows 10 PRO analysis never ends. I don’t like to turn off AS in the file manager at the end of listening.
Something needs to be done to make that analysis easy to turn off!


This analysis is supposed to make streamers happy with great suggestions of artists, albums and tracks.
Did anyone of you find this feature useful and enhancing for his user experience?