Android - New Audirvāna Remote beta update available!

The Remote now gives you the possibility to do everything you can do in Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin !

We worked on this update since a long time now and we are now looking for people wanting to try it out in preview as a beta tester :slight_smile:

This update of the Remote brings all of the missing things from Audirvāna:

  • Local/Streaming/Appearance settings
  • Waveform of the playing track
  • Full recognition of PWA devices
  • Audio Scan (will be soon added to the beta)
  • Metadata editing (will be soon added to the beta)

To be part of this beta, you need to have an Audirvāna account and have at least the 2.4.0 update of Audirvāna Studio/Origin installed on your computer.

IMPORTANT: The test of this update is only available as a closed beta since it require us to use the tools from Google .

If you want to try it out, please contact me on the forum via a private message and send me the mail used for Google Play so we can use to add you to the beta program.

If I’m not available, please contact using

If you do not have all of the settings at first, please go back to the Audirvāna Remote page on Google Store to get the update.


I want to test it, please how may i?

Thank you so much team!!!

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Click @Antoine icon, then send him a message

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HI @JohnnyFire,

Should I use the mail you have on the forum for the Android beta?

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yes Antoine! thank you so much!

I sent you a private message on the forum for the download of the beta version :wink:

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you are awesome! I fix it! but didn’t see a new ver to install I jean the update button… any idea why this happened?

I sent you a private message, I will help you via PM, it will be more convenient.

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It is a beta update only for Android apparently. Does a beta for iOS will come?

Note that I have an Android tablet too so I can test it. :wink:

Hi @Le-dom,

There will be a iOS beta which will come when it will be ready :wink:

I do not have an ETA for it. If you want to join the Android beta, let me know via private message and indicate me your gmail account I can link to it :wink:

Time for feedback!

the beta remote works as expected in my case! i love the new settings but will be more cool the chance every setting on the main app too! a vice-rersa! what do you think antoine?

Any change you do in the Remote can be seen in the main app as you say and the contrary should also be the case. With which setting do you have this behavior?

on seekbar waveform when i enable it from remote on the remote enables it not the app, it is remote specific only?

the rest settings works now i reconnect the remote!

This is something I missed when I tested it as alpha, we will correct this :wink:

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this why im here! hehe! cool!
one more thing i dont see the light and dark settings under the theme title and not even the font size…
can those be added too?

For the time being, this is not ready for the Remote. We may create a light version of the Remote but for the font size, this is a tougher job and I do not have an ETA for both things.

i mean to change those setting at the main app not remote, but i get you! you need both to act the same! so we! the point is the remote now became something unique that none other software have!

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i’m not on a pc, but, i wish that the new remote once seen all my covers albums or images of artist, will stock those info on my phone as cached, so when returning to seeing those album covers of all library they will not have to be loaded again and again…


I am blind and I am using the Audirvana remote app on my iPhone or on a M1 Mac to control Audirvana Studio on another older Intel based Mac Book. On my iPhone or the Macs VoiceOver has to be activated as the screen reading software to output the screen content via synthetic speech.

Currently the remote app and Audirvana Studio are both useable, allthough not perfect for VoiceOver users. There are no big problems but something coould be improved to make live easier ;-).

If there is an iOS beta of the new app available please let me know. I’d be happy to test the new app and ofcourse I am very interested in that the new app will be useable for me with my screen reading software too. At least I hope it will be useable, because there are not many alternatives for blind users who like to use software players in the HIFI sector :-(. Audirvana on a Mac and the remote app on iOS is one of the very few apps that are still useable without big problems and I really hope this will be also the case in future…

Ciao and thank,


I’ve not find problem for the moment with the app under Android. I didn’t see the problem with seekbar waveform as it is a feature not very important for me but JohnnyFire is right.

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