Android - New Audirvāna Remote beta update available!

Hi @schoeppi,

When the iOS beta update will be available, I will contact you :wink:

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Thank you for the opportunity to try out the new remote control. I’ve tried out most of the new settings and they work great. Haven’t encountered any problems so far. Incredibly good with the new settings that allow you to control everything from the remote control.
I have 2 different daconverters that i am testing. Switching between different outputs becomes much easier now that you can do this from the remote control. I really like the look of the remote. :slight_smile:

I have a wish from my father, who is 80 years old, he is still a hifi freak and has been using Adirvana for many years. He wants a heart or some kind of marking on the cut he has marked with a heart. When you play an album with the remote control and open it so that you see all the cuts, the favorite cuts are not marked as they are when you see them on the PC.



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I see what you mean, I need to discuss about it with the team :wink:

on my “Remote” beta installation (Samsung tablet, Android 13 with all latest updates) there is something like this: Settings - Streaming reports all services as “Not connected”. And if I select the arrow on the right next to any of them, the “Remote” application closes.

Meanwhile, Qobuz and Tidal services are actually connected and logged in .

Another note - could the native Android volume indicator be also visible when I change the volume with the tablet buttons?

Can you send a screenshot of the Remote before you click on this arrow?

Like when you change the volume while watching a youtube video?


Native Android volume indicator - like when I use all other aodio or video players - including youtube video.
In case Audirvana Remote - when “MINI-PLAYER” is on then you can see its volume indicator. But when “MINI-PLAYER” is off then no volume indicator is visible so this Android native would be handy, when you change volume with buttons placed on the tablet or phone.

I see, we will see what we can do for this :wink:


actually I’m testing some VST3 plugins and I’m comparing the sound with and without these VST3 plugins. The ability of enabling and disabling the VST3 plugins via the Audirvana remote is very useful. :+1:


indeed the new remote makes wonders on flexibility and ease of use now!

the only one complain i have from the testing is that the connection needs to improved,
for example i need to force close the app manny times and reopen it to be reconnect to the main player again

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new update improves the remote even more! thank you team!


Thanks for this beta! Great to expand the remote settings.

One thing that I can not seam to adjust is to sync the computer setting of “Volume Control +/- step” with the phone steps. The computer is set to 0,2dB but the phone has larger steps. I wish the phone volume steps where the same as the computer setting.


Hi @osha,

Are you talking about the steps when you press the +/- physical buttons of your smartphone?

Yes, correct! Using the physical volume buttons on the smartphone makes the volume travel in larger steps than the 0,2dB the computer GUI uses.

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Ok, I get your point, will need to talk about this with our dev :slight_smile:

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the remote app crash when i use my phone on horizontal mode, im using a oneplus nord 2T with latest firmware

Have you tried with this updated version for Windows 10 users?

for me dont make a difrence on UI issues on asio cut seems to working ok on testing cant tell yet…
the new wasapi issue i post didnt test it yet…

Yes, it works good. In portrait mode at least. Will test later today with landscape. I’m on Android 13 btw, Samsung Galaxy A52.

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Please contact me as well. Will there be an availability to connect with HiFi Rose in the Beta? I have an RS 130 and would like to use Audirvana for a local DLNA server on my Mac where the music files are stored. I see that the feature is enabled in Windows but it’s not in the Mac version so far as I can tell.