Android - New Audirvāna Remote beta update available!

You might have to send @Antoine a DM, as instructed and provide your google-account then. Afaik it’s for Android devices. He can answer the questions you asked best.

Current beta remote. When switching to mini player after selecting a track from library I get a pause in playback. No pause when moving from mini player to library. Just realised it pauses as it selects the next track when switching from library to mini player

Hi @The,

You get this behavior when you play local tracks or you also get this when you try to play streaming tracks?

When playing local files on Windows 10 PC

je veux bien le tester aussi, merci !

DM @Antoine

I want the ios one :grinning:

DM @Antoine

@ Antoine Please let me also know if an iOS beta is available. Because I am using Audirvana with a screen reading software for blind people it is very important for me that the app stays useable… Thanks!

Just sent you an email as well. I’m interested in trying out the Android version. @Antoine

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Maybe you already knew, but just to make sure: Join the Audirvāna Remote beta - TestFlight - Apple

Hi. If like to try the android beta version.

Better to pm Antoine

Thank you for pointing this out, he emailed me about the request and I gave him the access to it :wink:

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