Android Remote issues still there

Thanks Mollie. Samsung website says Android 12 is ‘rolling out now’ for the S10+ so I should get a chance to try soon

Hi? Any timeframe on when we’ll get landscape support on Android app?

Hello @doctoruk,

We do not have a ETA for this but this will be in the next Major update of the Remote. It will come at the same time for the Android and iOS Remote.


Great thanks
FYI Audirvana with kernal streaming and my Chord Quite EX + Singxer SU-6 sounds noticeably better than Roon
I’m really dependent on these UI/UX upgrades as Roon does have an advantage in that area in my opinion.

@Antoine is there any update with this ?

same issue here.
all latest software, windows 11, AS v 1.12.2, AR v 3.2.1, samsung 10 lite.

remote always worked, doesn’t work anymore since last week.

i’ve tried anything i thiink: cleared app cache and app data, unistalled/reinstalled, changed wifi network, checked firewall rules, changed wifi network from private to public to private,

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