Any way to still install 3.5?

Hey, I am a longtime user of Audirvana, bought it for windows and mac plus the iOS app. But never in my life I will pay subscription for studio.

So is there still a way to install 3.5 again?

I tried this version: Audirvana 3.5 Download

but I got this error.

Any Ideas? Thank you :slight_smile:


If you write to support and they can find your original order they will probably provide you a link.

However, the latest version, Origin, is fantastic, and a one time purchase cost. Studio is also brilliant for streaming and radio. I only use my own library so Origin is for me.

I have a download of 3.5

Now the non subscription version called Audirvana Origin is available. You get a discount on upgrade from 3.5.

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Hello @gabelrocker,

Does your computer is fully up to date? The issue you have is not related to Audirvāna but Windows itself.

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