Audirvana 3.5 Download

Setting up a new macbook this weekend and I discovered I cannot download Audirvana 3.5 anymore despite my “lifetime license”.

Please provide a download link. Thank you.

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You can still download it from here:


and for windows:

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thank you @thebiglebowski and @FRahde. It would be super useful if this were linked somewhere from the main product page.

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The link doesn’t work. Please write a working link to download the Windows version.

I took this link from the appropriate entry on It has worked, but now it is broken. You are too late :slight_smile:

I also have a lifetime license and I need to reinstall on windows. How can I download 3.5.x for windows?

Download 3.5 for MacOS
Download 3.5 for Windows 10

You’ll find the links at:

That link for windows download does not exist anymore, and the assistance page is only giving instructions for the newer studio version

The MacOS link works, I just tried. Write to They’ll provide you a working link.

It turns out the windows link is Ok, but requires a browser that understands launching the Windows App Installer as a response from the linked URL. This works fine from Microsoft Edge browser. I do remember seeing some other complications for un-activated installations of Windows having trouble launching the App Installer., which could cause another complication.