Application bugs

Hi there, team,

I just would like to share what issues/bugs I have been facing with application.

What durration is this? And where is the cover art?

Bottom details are not fit, nope, not me was who cut that

Wrong artis cover showing on thumbnail view

Also, wrong artist cover art repeating on thumbnail view

so guys would be great to fix these ones too with other several bugs.

Hello @Mark,

First of all, can you check if you are using the latest veriosn of Audirvāna Studio. It’s the 1.10.2 version.

How are you connected to your device? Are you using UPnP?

I will check this and come back to you about this.

I think you are talking about Album cover and not artist cover, right?

Yes I do the latest version of Audirvana
I am connected to my LS50W via USB, but as I feel this is not relevant to duration issue
Either, album or Artist cover are wrong listing and displaying, just double check the aboves, Lisa Stansfield not equal with other Artist, :smile: , also Dave Brubeck not same as Alexander O’Neal.

Also as I noticed that if app connected via Wi-Fi, then I can not listen into song as PFL /FFW. If need, I can make a video shot from that.

Can you use the maintenance button in the local section of Audirvāna Studio settings?

Antonie, unfotunately, thats not fixed the artist cover issues, as you see below, still cover is wrong displayed in listing view, but the actual played song displaying is correct on left bottom corner of the app.

also as I noticed that, the actual played song is not highlighted in listing view.

Can you send me a copy your AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file?

To go to it with the Finder:

  1. Open its Go menu
  2. Pressing the option (or alt) key, and maintain it pressed. This reveals the Library command in this Go menu.
  3. Click on this Library command
  4. In the Finder window that opens, navigate into Application Support, then Audirvana
  5. You’ll find there the file AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite

You can send it at

Fine here where you can download it, because that is 97MB

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Can you go in your synchronized folder in Audirvāna Studio and remove the folder you have synced? After doing this, please add it again and check if you have all of the tracks in Dance 70-80s displayed properly.

No, nothing changed, same issue

Can you send a screenshot of what you see in the folder of this album?

Antoine that is only 1 track not an album

Can you send a screenshot of the tracks you have in the folder Dance 70-80s using Finder?

Also as I checked, there is only album titles, not track titles, why? I want to see the name of the song not the album, Audirvana modified all my tracks ID tags too.

Would you be so kind to answer, since you have been asked me those screen shots? Why Audirvana make CHANGES On track ID tags, and COVERSSS and make my all songs on different album grouping, wrong information! Guys whatta F? Now I have must retag all of them! Terrible!

I know why you have this issue.

Can you remove the synced folder you have and disable the setting “Retrieve…” in the local section of Audirvāna Studio settings?

After removing this setting, please add your folder again and check if you still have your issue.

that moves not fix the issues because it already have been changed by Audirvana! That’s the big problem Antonie. Why are you release the app if not ready? Any one can save my time now…damn

Nothing have been changed by Audirvāna Studio unless you modify the metadata by yourself.

The cover you see when you play it with Audirvāna Studio are coming from Tidal, however the one you see in the library is because those tracks do not have the metadata Album in it. Can you check this using a metadata editor like Musicbrainz?

no, you wrong, Audirvana changed the meta tags, I have been checked now, after I did some modification, there is no save buttons.
This is what Audirvana changed. See? I never added Album: SOUL

Also, I can see the changed files in my local folder…I give up, I am really sorry but this app is … no words for that…not make life easier, just make more difficulties.