Application won't launch after 3.5 version installed and can not reinstall after uninstall

I just bought license key and get ready to activate. But when I launch Audirvana, system is automatically downloaded and asked me to install to update to 3.5 version. So i did. After completed update I tried to launch application but it’s system keep told me “update to audirvana 3.5 complete” “audirvana 3.5 is now installed. the old version can’t be run anymore. please uninstall it”

I tried to research how to uninstall Audirvana and found this topic How to uninstall

I deleted Audirvana Plus folder as told in topic above and still got same message as above photo.
So this time I deleted a whole Audirvana folder, restart Windows and tried to download and reinstall fresh application. When I click application to install, same message as in photo above pop up again

And there’s only uninstallV1.XML file in AudirvanaPlus folder.

Please help, I just bought license key and not using yet.

Well…it seem to went to the wrong place to uninstall. Must go to Apps & features.

Hello @Parinya_Desperado,

You are right, wou need to go to Apps & features and you will see the old Audirvana like this:

You just have to click on the Unisntall button and you won’t have the older version of Audirvana anymore on your computer :slight_smile: