AS running on Catalina, always at 99-100% CPU LOAD

Since I first installed AS on Catalina, it’s been running 99-100%CPU load even streaming bitperfect no upsampling. Do you know whats wrong?

What kind of Mac do you have? On older computers the CPU load will be higher, but I’ve never seen it that high.

I have 2 computers a year old i7 Windows 10 laptop and a 2017 MacBook Air with an i5 and macOS 11.4 Big Sur.

CPU loads when busy analyzing audio were around 20-25% on the Windows laptop and about 40-45% on my Mac.

Now that the whole analyzing stuff has been completed on my Mac, the CPU load has dropped to about 5% while streaming from Qobuz.

It sounds to me that there might be something not quite right on your Mac.

Actually, it is happening when Im running Catalina. Then it wasnt doin this when I use High Sierra, cpu load at 5%. Same hardware, a 2014 mac mini o7 3.0ghz optimized os for audio.

Catalina is a disaster - you should use Mojave instead.

Wil try it out thanks for the recommendation. Actually i went with Catalina cause it sounded better than when I was running AS with High Sierra. Have you tried comparing High Sierra and Mojave?

Guys, the problem is solved!

I did a whole clean MOJAVE install and optimized. It sounds better than High Sierra for sure, and it doesn’t put 99-100% load on CPU anymore. It stays at 0.9-3.2% ONLY now streaming bit perfect, no upsampling/filter.

Catalina sucks big time. I thought Catalina sounded better with AS than High Sierra, but MOJAVE is best! It sounds more open/relaxed but not muffled comapred to Catalina. And it runs COOL. Thank you for the suggestion @brlawyer ! Time for some toe tappin’

Glad my tip was helpful…! Now enjoy the music!