Audio Units starts only a few seconds after the beginning of the song


as audio unit in Audirvana I‘m using the DiracLiveProcessor.

If I use a UPNP Renderer (ALLO DigiOne Signatur) as audio output then the DLP starts only a few seconds after the beginning of the song. But this could be caused by Audirvana as well.
I recognize the starting of the DLP because the volume changes. This happens with every song that is played even songs from playlists.
The songs starts, is playing some seconds and only then the DLP is activated. The same happens with the next song.

Hello @Gubi, can you check in your audio settings in Audirvana in the signal processing section if you have the real-time control activated?

Hello @ Damien3,
real-time control is not activated.

Hello @ Damien3,
as I understand it, shouldn’t the signal be processed by the audio unit and then sent to the renderer via upnp?
An unprocessed signal is sent here for a few seconds, then the DiracLiveProcessor switches on and remains until the end of the song.
The next song begins and the DiracLiveProcessor is inactive again. It is only reactivated after 10-15 seconds.

Are you in trial of DiracLiveProcessor?

No, I have a license.
Please also see this post.

Have you seen the post under it? It appears DL2 have issue with UPnP while you’re not in Catalina. Which version of MacOS do you have?

I have MacOS 10.14.6 - Mojave.

Hello @ Damien3,
I have found that the problem mentioned above also exists with a directly connected DAC as soon as the real-time control is switched off.
Unfortunately, with UPNP playback it is not possible to switch on the real-time control.
Will there be this possibility again?

regards Frank

It’s sounds like a problem we fixed for an other plugin in a the latest version of Audirvana, which version are your using?

The latest for v.3.5. which are available via update.
I checked again: 3.5.32 (3562)

Hello @Gubi, do you also have this issue with other Audio Unit plugin?

Hello Damien3:
For testing I set up a AU Plugin from Apple. Then the problem doesn’t occur.
It seems the DiracLiveProcessor causes the problem.
As I have already described, the bug only occurs when the real time control is deactivated.
Unfortunately it isn’t possible any more to activate the real time control by upnp.
I’m aware that this leads to a large latency.
Nevertheless it would be good if it was possible (even only for testing how the DiracLiveProcessor reacts and if the bug is gone then).
Was there a version in which the real time control for AudioUnits could be activated by upnp in Audirvana?

Actually we chose to not implement the UPnP real time control due to the latency and it wasn’t implemented on older version. We will think of it in the future but we can’t guarantee that it will come to Audirvana.

Ok, then I can only hope that you decide to implement it.

In the meanwhile, hopefully you and Dirac, to whom I have also reported this, can work this out. This issue did not exist before the current versions of both programs. I use the Dirac standalone application for WIndows. I still prefer your audio, but I have reverted to JRiver 26 to play my library. The opening of Beethoven 5 (or anything else) just doesn’t work for me with the time/volume hiccup a few seconds after the start. We continue to live in hope.

Hello Gubi, did you try to switch of “Exclusive Access” in the Audirvana setting?