Audirvana 3.5 No Longer Launches

I subscribed to Audirvana 3.5 in Feb. 2021. Paid $96.00 for a one-year subscription. The program worked fine until 7/4/21. As of July 4, when I double-click on the icon the player will not open. I tried this for two days after rebooting several times without success. I then uninstalled it and went to the Audirvana website and downloaded what I thought was 3.5, but it turned out to be Audirvana Studio 1.5.5 (AS).

I was able to sign up with AS for a one-month free trial. I contacted Audirvana support via email explaining the issue and they reset my license and provided me with a link to download 3.5.46 which I did. After the download, every time I clicked on the icon a pop-up would ask me to register my license number. I would copy and paste the new license number provided by tech support and click “Register.” The pop-up would then disappear and nothing else would happen. The program didn’t launch nor did any other pop-ups or messages or emails or anything appear. I tried this numerous times (and also rebooted the computer several times). It should be noted that I also tried this on a second computer. Same result on the second computer.

Audirvana 3.5.46 would never launch past submitting the license key. After three days of back and forth emails with Audirvana and trying various troubleshooting attempts (verifying firewall settings, etc.) all of which seemed to be correct, I still can’t use Audirvana 3.5.

It should be noted that Audirvana Studio works just fine. The issue is only with 3.5.

I cannot understand what happened that now prevents me from launching 3.5 on either of my two computers. Since, tech support can’t seem to resolve the issue I’ve requested two times that they credit the balance of my annual subscription fee to Audio Studio or refund me the 7 months remaining, but haven’t heard back from them for two days. The delays with being able to only contact them via email are unusually long and this is very frustrating.

Please send this to

Been there and done for the past four days as that same email address is how I’ve been communicating with Audirvana tech support.

Well, I know it may hurts but try to reinstall your os.

1.Try on another machine.
2.If works reinstall Windows and don’t touch Store, Edge and don’t use any optimizer/tweaker for Windows.
3.If not contact Audirvana by email.

Don’t forget to revoke the license if A works on another comp (in settings).

License for 3.5 is not a subscription, it’s a perpetual license. It’s very difficult for the support to help you, since your issue is very specific to your setup.

The easiest way to fix it without going through a troubleshooting process is to just do a clean install of one of the machines and install Audirvana.

What ??? Reinstall Windows / Mac OS because a software package fails …

How mad is that ?

Try different software first !!!

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Did you try uninstalling both 3.5 and AS then , find ALL the Audirvana folders and delete them, there will be at least 2

Then reboot and install 3.5 from scratch

You know the saying: “Small problem reboot, big problem reinstall”

I gave you this advice because that’s what I did.

Usually I don’t reinstall my os because I take care of it and once everything is set and works it’s good.


  1. Windows XP and 7 were incomparable more stable than 10. The most stable edition of 10 is LTSC but the very special program Audirvana Studio can’t be installed on LTSC. Recently I updated my OS and… BANG! - error booting. Because I turned off System Restore I had to reinstall windows, no other solution helps. AN OFFICIAL UPDATE FROM MS$! I had 7 and XP and even the old 98SE for yerars without reinstall.

2.I had the same problem, tried many things but none works, so I had to reinstall. That’s because of 10 and depencies to craps like Store and App Installer, no problems at all with other software.

AS is working well on my windows 10 LTSC 2019. First, you must install the APP STORE first and then install the App Installer. No need for other junk apps.

WOW! Just give me a very good news! Thank you! Please, give me your method for store installation because I don’t want to fail. And App Installer from Store, right? WOW! Great, great, Great! Please help.

A. I am the original poster, but I didn’t send you the mail about uninstalling and reinstalling Windows. That was another person. However, since you replied to that person about the issue I will now address your suggestion.

B. No software is worth the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling Windows just to hope it will work afterward. I shouldn’t have to do that to try to get any software to work. Also, as I’ve said, the software worked just fine from February 12 to July 4. And, this glitch is happening on TWO different computers. The sudden failure can’t be the OS on two separate computers.

C. It should be noted that Audirvana Studio works just fine on both of these computers so why would it work yet Audirvana 3.5 won’t even allow me to register the license key? Same two computers that it worked fine on for five months and that Audirvana Studio works on now, the same Audirvana servers, and my same Wifi network. That can’t be the OS causing the problem.

D. I paid $96.00 for a full year’s subscription for Audirvana 3.5 for the period February 2021-February 2022. The subscription is current yet the program stopped working on July 4. I have 7 months remaining on my subscription. Does Audirvana think I’m supposed to just lose the remaining 7 months I’ve already paid for and on top of it subscribe to Audirvana Studio after my trial period ends? That doesn’t sound fair.

E. As I wrote in my original post, I have repeatedly been in contact with Audirvana tech support at They are well aware of the issue, but none of their troubleshooting steps have been successful and so now I have asked them to credit the balance of my subscription to Audirvana Studio which at least works on my two PC’s although I am in a 30-day trial which expires on August 6. I shouldn’t have to subscribe to Studio after the trial period ends since I have 7 months remaining on my current subscription. They should either transfer the subscription to Audirvana Studio or refund the remaining balance to my credit card. I have brought this issue to their attention via their support email several times.

Unfortunately, they are no longer replying to my emails as I haven’t heard from them for three days. That’s why I posted the issue on the Audirvana Community Forum. The bottom line is that I can’t use 3.5 and I have 7 months remaining on my subscription for a program that I can’t use and they are not responding anymore to resolve the issue. There is no way to contact them by phone. This is very poor customer service, to say the least.

It’s not a subscription, the license for version 3.5 is a perpetual license. So you better get it working. Yes, it’s a hassle, but sometimes it happens. The computer systems are complex and sometimes it’s just easier to reinstall unless you’re computer savvy.

Maybe no answers on weekend, see tomorrow :grinning:

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This link is for your reference.

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Thank you!

I haven’t heard from them since Thursday. That would be one long weekend.

I’m not going to uninstall and reinstall the OS for any 3rd party app that previously worked. If you’re talking about Audirvana 3.5, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 different times with complete reboots.


You are mistaken. I have good news for you. For your $96 you did not subscribe. You bought a lifetime license for A3.5, and the player should serve you for the years to come without any additional fee. :grinning:

Maybe by talking to support about subscription, you made them confused, and they thought you were referring to Studio. For A3.5, there was no subscription. The business model of subscription is exclusive to Audirvana Studio.

I used the wrong term. You are correct. I purchased a lifetime license for A3.5. However, since I can no longer get A3.5 to work on either of my two computers after only 5 months of use despite all of their troubleshooting attempts, I would like Audirvana to give me some type of credit toward an Audirvana Studio subscription. 5 months is not a very long “lifetime.”